Friday, May 14, 2010

various & assorted tasties

Here's my roundup of interesting links I came across this week (as always, much Twitter crossover).

Writers' Coalition has announced an official Write Your @$$ Off Day, June 12th! You might recall we had an unofficial one back here. Anyone else wanna play? I think I'm in!

Author Alaya Johnson talks on John Scalzi's blog about her new book, Moonshine, and how vampires are actually a metaphor for historically oppressed minorities.

Sarah Weinman shared one author's take on the 10 most harmful novels for aspiring writers. (I add Twilight to the list--what do you guys think?)

Twilight sales have waaaay dropped suddenly (my guess is everyone just owns everything already, so there's nothing left to buy). But the point is, does this mean the door is open for the next phenomenon?

You thought English speakers took Harry Potter fan fic seriously--check out the level people take fan fic to in China!

Our comrade INTERN anagrams the names of the big publishing houses. This is awesome.

The Rejectionist points us to this excellent list of horrifying rejections, some of them quite nasty--and all of them sent to people who went on to become extremely famous.

Tomorrow is an editing day. My weekend work partner is coming over and we're going to kick butt. But in between butt kickings, we will be making these.

Happy weekend!


twaddleoranything said...

Thanks for the great round-up of links! Cupcakes and productivity -- sounds divine. :) As for WYAOD, I'd love to give it a go!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

They are some lovely looking cupcakes!

Ebony McKenna. said...

Oooh, the Twilight phenom is slowing down?
I'm crossing my fingers that talking ferrets become the next best thing.
But I would say that, wouldn't I?

David Alton Dodd said...

Yes, I would totally add Twilight to Weinman's list, and add a few of my own - writers to enjoy but care should be taken not to style after. Tom Robbins would be one, for example. I had to look for things not to like about his stuff because I was beginning to notice that I was sounding a little like he was.

Lydia Sharp said...

Yes, I think the door is officially open for the next YA phenomenon, but we may not see whatever it is enter phenomenon-like proportions for a little while yet. If I had to guess I'd say next year, at the earliest.

RDJ said...

I think that list of dangerous books for aspiring writers is pretty silly. "Writers who haven't learned to write yet copy these writers badly, so they shouldn't read them."

But people learn to write by seeing how it's done well and then by imitating those who do it well, and, finally, by finding their own way to do it. There's no other way. If beginning writers aren't copying those books badly, they'll be copying other books badly.

Also, it strikes me as one of those insult-famous-writers-because-it'll-get-links pieces.

In short: bah.

cindy said...

i wouldnt be surprised if the Beautiful Creatures series takes its place. also lead title from LB. and a great read. the authors, kami garcia and margie stohl are super nice as well!

Claire Dawn said...

I totally agree on the books not to copy. It's like when you hear someone try to sing like Mariah or Celine. Just not gonna happen.

Crystal Posey said...

Husband was off the last time, but not on June 12. Do I dare attempt WYAO with all these kiddos? YES! Five kids and nonstop writing, if anything I'll get a good blog post out of it. :) I'm there.