Saturday, May 01, 2010

procrastinatory Villanelle

How sad to be stuck inside today
A desk-bound bun-wearing red-lining recluse
Saturday editing this lovely morn in May

for once, the weather's going my way!
blossoms unfurling, sunlight diffuse
How sad to be stuck inside today

my cold winter edits are inspired, I'd say
but with sun shining outside, I feel obtuse
Saturday editing this lovely morn in May

in Central Park's green grass I'd lay
and frolic amongst squirrels, fawns, and moose
How sad to be stuck inside today

my aching eyeballs tear away
o! how they suffer such wretched abuse
Saturday editing this lovely morn in May

That's what I've written this Villanelle to say
Might my time be put to better use?
How sad to be stuck inside today
Saturday editing this lovely morn in May


Bethany Elizabeth said...

*claps wildly*

JES said...

The stuff of genius (especially, haha, the insertion of exotic fauna into Central Park). But don't even try to tell us you just dashed that off between righting misplaced modifiers and typos.

moonrat said...

JES--no, obviously. it took like an hour.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Oh. I wanna see the moose in Central Park!

Good one!

Rachel said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. And sad.

Laurel said...

Wow. Talk about raising procrastination to an art form.

Congratulations on such a well crafted displacement activity. I usually clean bathrooms and then I have nothing to show for it. You know, since the five year old marks his territory in there at hourly intervals. Maybe next time I'll scribe a poem!

_*rachel*_ said...

A) There are mooses in Central Park?

B) Lucky. We've got clouds, rain, and tornado watches. I like clouds and rain, but not humidity.

C) Ha. I walked to the Farmer's Market, got a free henna tattoo, and bought flowers.

Caroline Starr Rose said...


Mike Lindgren said...


Whirlochre said...

This brightened my day.

moonrat said...

Whirl--I was inspired at least in part by the beautiful poetry you wrote me last week:

Claire Dawn said...

Sign up here for the Central Park Moose Tour! Just 13.95 to see the rare and endangered species!

(I'm goint to make a killing. Thanks moony :)

Ulysses said...

They have moose in Central Park?

But then, I'm sure they're hardened street moose, coats dyed in their colors and wearing antlers all forked a certain way. They're takin' no sh1t from that herd of pansy-@ss, uptown elk squattin' on the bridge...