Saturday, April 24, 2010

things the rally monkey says

[The RM and I are with a group of people trying to pick out a restaurant in the West Village. We pass a place that's all shuttered.]

YT: Oh dang! That's the place I wanted us to go. Now it's closed! That's so sad!

RM: If that restaurant were your mouth, it would still be open.


Laurel said...

Rally Monkey sounds an awful lot like that boy I married.

moonrat said...

Laurel--does your husband also skateboard to work?!

Lydia Sharp said...

Ouch. Seriously.

Ditto. *sigh*

Bernita said...

Did you hit him?
You should have!
That was not nice!

Laurel said...

@Moonrat: He might get there faster if he did. His car has seen better days.

Christi Goddard said...

I'm sure he meant that her mouth was so pleasant and accomodating that... wait, that's still an insult.

Maybe he meant...

Okay, yeah. I got nothing. It was a jab, clearly.

I'm amused, nonetheless.

JES said...

Speaking as a guy who's crossed the same line way too often, I believe that falls in the "more clever than smart, and less funny than you thought" category. I see penance in RM's immediate future.

Anonymous said...

That's a perfect case of why you should think before you speak. Or perhaps the RW enjoys putting his life where his mouth is.