Sunday, April 18, 2010

things the rally monkey says

[The RM's baby nephew turns 2 today.]

RM: I'll get him a nice toy. He likes things that move on their own.

YT: Of course he does. Everyone likes things that move on their own.

RM: I don't.

YT: Oh really? Then what do you keep me around for?

RM: When do you ever move on your own?


David said...


Claire Dawn said...

I saw that one coming! :D

M said...


B. Nagel said...

As Sheldon would say, Bazinga!

Emily said...

...yeah, my own rally monkey had to literally drag me out of bed this morning. :( sigh.

Anita said...

It's that kind of easygoingness that'll keep you two together 4-ever.

Kate Evangelista said...

That deserves on big aww.

India Drummond said...

Heh... nice one.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

That was fantastic! May I offer the 16-20 year old response that either I or my friends would give?
Sidenote: my friends would say that because they're on drumline, and there's a cadence they play that's like...ratatatat rata rattataatta and then they yelled OWNED. It's pretty awesome.
Needless to say, thanks muchly for posting this, it was adorable.

Pretenses said...


But one could respond with the following: Any time mojitos, sushi, chocolate, cupcakes, beer, nachos, or freebies of any sort are on the line. That leaves room for quite a bit of motivated movement.