Sunday, April 25, 2010


As you may have guessed already from my several weeks of sporadic posting, I got slammed with a ton of deadlines and am going a little buggy.

I hope to be back here with interesting things soon. Thanks for your patience.


Lydia Sharp said...

It's okay. I'm going a little stir crazy myself recently.
Totally. Understand. :)

Michelle said...

Please come back soon. I love you humor and advice.

Michelle said...

Ok I must correct my typo: I love YOUR humor and advice.

faye said...

I am waiting eagerly for your Wildwood Dancing review :D

(Good luck with the deadlines!)

Catherine Blakeney said...

It seems to be that time of year - conference season started, wedding season started, school term is ending - everything is piling on all at once and you can't even catch your breath in between things you're supposed to be doing.

J.D. Roa said...

Godspeed on those projects!

Kate Evangelista said...

Good luck on your current projects!

Keith Popely said...

I suppose one does have to work. One's landlord does want the rent. We will wait, Moonster, as long as you need.

Whirlochre said...

o ladybug,
as you lug your load, know this:
your burdened wings, I pity,
and though it's hit and missy
with your smiles for a while,
I trust this heartfelt ditty
will remind you
that all of us are behind you.

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