Tuesday, March 09, 2010

the weird and the wacky in publishing (Your Questions continued)

[Beth asks, "What are the weirdest and funniest situations you've encountered while working in publishing?"]

Oh wow, Beth. You've given me an excuse for a favorite backlist link list.

This was my sleaziest experience in publishing. Lunch date gone gross.

Random skeezy authors aren't the only ones into Mad Men-esque gender roles, though. For example, there's Betty.

There was that awesome day I got Robert the Publisher's lecture on fearing fear itself. Tasty.

Getting your project idea stolen sucks, but it also inspires Shakespearean knock-off poetry.

At my company, we had Beach Day. Yes, just like in the office. Only it ended up drunk on high-end vodka at a Russian restaurant.

All anyone in the publishing industry does is tell one another crazy lies.

Just because publishing is a media industry doesn't mean we're on top of things. Like technology, which can be really horribly confusing.

But that's all ok. Weird, crappy stuff happened to Jane Austen when she tried to get published, too.

Sadly, not all authors are as cooperative and honest as Jane was. Sometimes they do crazy things that make their publicists smack their heads repeatedly against the wall.

But then again, so do some publishers. Check out this post, from FOUR years ago! Remember Judith Regan? She's some "weird and funny" stuff that happened in publishing.

Editorial, it turns out, is not a 9-5 job.

This doesn't have anything to do with publishing, really, except fonts. But it's definitely funny.

Ok, this has nothing to do with publishing at all. This is a story from back when the RM was still a car mechanic. But in going through my old posts I came across this and wanted to share it again.

Of course, the weirdest and funniest stories of all I can't blog about, sigh.


Caroline Starr Rose said...


CKHB said...

Yeesh. Someday I'll share some lawyer stories that are equally hair-curling...

I_am_Tulsa said...

I second the Yikes!
Just got finished reading the post about Betty....all I have to say is "sugoi...."

Laurel said...

Ick Ick ICK on the creepy lunch. I wanted to take a shower after reading that. Reminds me of a speaker I had to take out for drinks after a dinner program back when I was in pharma sales. Karaoke. Tequila. Inappropriate body contact. I just kept asking him about his kids, one of whom wanted a job with my company. I didn't get home until 4 am (left for work at 6am the day before) but I was unmolested and therefore grateful. Until I realized I was locked out of my house and had to call my neighbor to bring the spare key.

I'm crushing on RtP. He sounds adorable. In a myopic sort of way.

Betty sounds horrific. But I'd like her to swing by and do something about my storage room off the carport.

And...He went BACK for his license? WHAT?

These were fantastic. Each and every one. Thanks!

moonrat said...

Laurel--yeah, apparently that whole "people who think you'll sleep with them just because you're exposed to each other in some kind of business context" is neither gender- nor industry-specific. But it does kind of amaze me. It's like, seriously, we're going to be working together--you want this awkwardness between us, for real?

Talli Roland said...

Wooooow. Thanks for sharing!

Melina said...

Ugh. I had a creepy lunch like that one time with an actual co-worker (I worked for a union, which, it turns out, is not a good place to have ladyparts and be 25). My guy was not as unremittingly gross, though. Meep.

sunna said...

Holy hell. And I thought HR was interesting.

Rebecca Knight said...

Oh my gosh! Both creepy author guy and Betty were stories before I found your wonderful blog, so wow... just wow. Thank you for sharing (warning?) us ;). Great stories!

Gerb said...

Thanks for the laughs. Some of these posts I was rereading, but some I hadn't seen before. Double yikes.

Tawna Fenske said...

LOL, though I had read many of these before, some were new to me. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I drooled my Earl Grey on the keyboard!


Tahereh said...

you should do this again, except with all of your favorite moments in publishing. (excuse my perennial optimism, this is was truly hilarious.)

thanks for sharing!!

Beth said...

Awesome collection of stories. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Editor with an Ice Pick said...

Oh gawd, the meddling hyperactive Bettys of the world! Let sleeping shit just doze the hell on.