Friday, March 12, 2010

pastries, sushi, or chocolate? oh my! (Your Questions continued)

Kiersten White asks: If you could only eat one of the three following things for the rest of your life, which would it be?

A) Pastries
B) Sushi
C) Chocolate

Sushi. Oh, I bet you were expecting to make some cutesy answer like I did in my FAQ. But no. Sushi. I'm in total withdrawal. I haven't had sushi since... JANUARY. For real. Just thinking about it makes my mouth ache.

Second question: If for some horrible reason you couldn't be an editor, what alternate career would you choose? So basically, in a horrific alternate universe in which Moonrat is not an editor, what is she?

So recently I've been OBSESSED with Turkey (the country, not the bird, although I've never been against a turkey sandwich). Part of me is constantly nurturing a secret desire to pack up all my bags and move to Turkey, where I could... I don't know. Teach English, maybe?

And finally: How bad do you hate hypothetical questions?

How bad do YOU hate it, Kiersten, when people answer one of YOUR questions with ANOTHER question?


Claire Dawn said...

Tomorrow is Junior High graduation here in Dinkville, Northern Japan. I am sure that at the ensuing enkai (drinkin party) I will be stuffed with sushi. Which I DON'T like.

Oh to switch places!

Crimey said...

Oh the horror! Why would someone ask that life-changing question. I can not, and will not, pick.

My favorite sushi: sweetpotato sushi! I had it on the Cayman Islands.

Laurel said...

Teaching English as a foreign language is hard. But usually it pays pretty well.

Might make an interesting sabbatical- but only if you blog from Turkey!!

WendyCinNYC said...

No sushi since January is unacceptable. That will need to be fixed, and soon.

moonrat said...

Claire Dawn--YOU ARE CRUEL!

Laurel--I believe it's hard. My Myers-Briggs says though that my ideal job is "idealistic teacher" (ENFJ) and you know how I worship Myers-Briggs.

lale said...

Moonrat wants to come to Turkey? *hyperventilates* You -have- to come to Turkey. Specifically Izmir. Forget Istanbul. They may have the Blue Mosque, but we have Donkey Island. And mud baths. And... well, my favorites are on here.

Let me know if you plan a trip so I can hook you up with some decent Turkish Delight! ;)

JES said...

Turkey: Have you by any chance read Enlightenment, by Maureen Freely? I'm reading it now, and very much enjoying it (a little to my surprise, actually).

Ulysses said...

Unlike you, Moonrat, I have been against a turkey sandwich, and for those who are wondering it takes 8 loaves of bread, 20 pounds of turkey, 2 heads of lettuce and 2 jars of mayonnaise to make a decent mattress.

...and it's lumpy, people. Seriously lumpy.

(And, because I know you're trying to guess, you need 36 10" tortillas and 3 bags of marshmallows to make a good quilt).

Christine said...

I'm so with you on the sushi. I'm preg, so I'm not allowed to eat it for 6 more months, but I miss it soooo much!

Kerensa Brougham said...

TURKEY! I so-so-so would love to go see it in person. My most recently finished novel is set there - any tips on to whom I could shop it?? ;?)

Shelley Watters said...

Oh how I love sushi. Glad to hear I'm not alone in my passion for sushi!

It seems like sushi is one of the foods that if you like it you LOVE it, and if you don't you hate it. Those who love it are passionate about it, to the point of obsession.

When I was pregnant I couldn't eat sushi. That was the longest nine months of my life. The first thing I had my husband do after I delivered was to go get me sushi and I ate it in the recovery room. How bad is that??