Thursday, February 25, 2010

some of your questions!

Thanks, everyone who sent in a question! Some of them are longer, and since I'm feeling lazy this week, I'm procrastinating with them. Your answer will probably be coming, eventually, though.

But here are some questions I wasn't too lazy for!

Jamie asks:
Sun or snow?

Sun! No question. I'm practically heliotropic.

Erin McGuire
How often do you get to work with illustrators and designers?

Never with illustrators! Sad. I've done illustrated books, but only with photographs or already created art, never with original art. Maybe someday.

Designers, however, are another story. There's one of those involved in every single original book. I've come to believe that they are, in general, an unusual jovial people. My principle designer and I are bestest friends. He takes me to the theater, and I take him out for Thai food.

Whirlochre asks:
What's inside your dream pie?

A fork. Although I am willing to go without if necessary.

Stephanie McGee asks:
Have you ever gotten food poisoning from sushi?

Nope. I'll keep trying, though. ;)

And, what is the best gift the Rally Monkey ever gave you?

The RM is an extremely utilitarian gift-giver. He knows I hate (HATE!) to shop, and never buy new clothes or shoes for myself. Generally he'll try to fill a wardrobe gap (one HE perceives, that is--I never think I have wardrobe gaps). For Christmas, for example, he bought me a beautiful pair of black Puma sneakers. The birthday before that, he bought me a beautiful pair of brown Puma sneakers. The Valentine's Day before that, he bought me a beautiful pair of black Puma sneakers (the ones the Christmas pair was supposed to replace).

Isn't he sweet?

Well, you know how they say women seek out men who remind them of their fathers? I remember when I was 8 years old trekking with my father into the "city" to J.C. Penny to buy my mother's Christmas gift (at 5 pm on Christmas Eve, of course). We ventured into the Ladies' Intimates area, where my father located the perfect gift--a warm, woolly nightgown with a cow in a dressing gown appliqued on the front. When the wearer turned around, it would be revealed that the tail was also appliqued on the back. Cute. My father selected the blue version of this nightgown for my mother, who appeared moderately delighted by it.

The year I was 9 years old, we snuck out again for Christmas gifts. This year, my father selected the red version of the above nightgown. So you can imagine I wasn't surprised when, the year I was 10, he selected the black version. I remember quite vividly on Christmas morning when we sat down to open presents, my mother said, "I swear to God, [name redacted], if you bought me another cow nightgown I'm going to scream." I don't, however, remember how the incident concluded.

Just... food for thought.


Emily White said...

Hahaha! I get socks every year for Christmas. Every. Single. Year.

Laurel said...

Thai food...mmmmm.

That boy I married gives me books. Sometimes the autographed by the author kind. Although for our anniversary this year he gave me the softest dream of a blanket since I'm always cold.

He is very near perfect.

JES said...

Haha, wonderful answers. But the conclusion raises the question: have you ever gotten food poisoning from food for thought? or given it to someone else, for that matter?

Charles Gramlich said...

you honestly hate to shop? Wow.

~Jamie said...

I am with you on the sun. If Texas gets snowed in one more time I'm moving to California.*

I feel like now that I'm all grown it's my responsibility to make sure my father gets my mother good Christmas gifts. I take him to the jewelry store and point out something shiny. He tells them to wrap it up, and my mom loves me more for it. :)

*That would never actually happen. Please don't tell my fellow Lone Star Staters I said such a thing.

Stephanie McGee said...

I'm glad the sushi has never given you food poisoning. As for the gifts, well, at least he tries. But he does come across as very sweet. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Claire Dawn said...

Yay for cow nightgowns.

I generally hate shopping. Except for books and music. I think I could spend a week in Borders completely ignoring all my physical needs! lol!

suelder said...

My guy fixes my computer and gives me extra peripherals for it. And jewelry and books when I give him very specific hints.

Kim Kasch said...

I look too much like a cow without wearing one to remind everyone. I'm sorry no matter how cute it was, having the picture of a cow wedged in front and behind me would bring too many comments from my family. No cow gown for me - although frogs would be fine ;)

Ashley A. said...

I hate – HATE – shopping too! My kids think I am crazy, but I will only take them to the mall if it's late enough in the day that I can drink tequila while they pick out what they want.

And the only reason I have clothes is because I am now in a relationship with a man who can shop online like a champ and chooses them for me.

Chris Eldin said...

LOL! Whirly's question, and your answer, made me laugh out loud.

Ello said...


I swear I think I coughed up a lung laughing!

Pretenses said...

Oh, momrat!

Tan said...

Hey... is it possible we have the same dad? Because a few years ago when I said, "Dad, you got her a housecoat AGAIN?", he said "I've never bought her a housecoat before!" with complete conviction.

Jemi Fraser said...

Hysterical!! Sounds like my dad :)