Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday morning Japanese rock moment

Haven't had any Saturday music moments for awhile. Mostly because of my woeful lack of exposure to music of any kind.

But this morning, I'm listening to my favorite song in the world, Owari naki tabi, by Mr. Children.

This song always puts me in the mood to go out and conquer the world, whatever my daily task is--finishing a manuscript, going running, cleaning the bathroom.

I was looking for an English translation online but none of them make sense. Sigh. You're going to have to trust me; it's awesome. In a way, it's about writing a novel. This is the second chorus:
If you think about things difficultly (Muzukashiku kangaedasu to)
Everything's going to end up turning yucky to you (Kekkyoku subete ga iya ni natte)
and you're going to want to thorw it all away (Sotto sotto nigedashitaku naru kedo)
But the higher the cliff face, the better it feels (Takakereba takai kabe no hou ga )
when you climb to the top (nobotta toki kimochi ii)

You think I'm cheesy? Come on, you knew that before. You think I'm cheesy and you have a problem with that? Wait, have you been ever read this blog before?! You love Mr. Children? Ok, we can be friends.

Happy Saturday!


iasa said...

is the next line to the song 'and throw yourself off'? cuz that's where I am with my novel.

just kidding. The song reminds me a bit of Elvis Costello.

E McD said...

Never heard of Mr. Children, but I DO love you. You should check out the band PHISH. Now THAT'S a good time...

Jennifer said...

A better translation (please note that I suck at translating song lyrics, but this makes a bit more sense):

If you take things seriously
In the end you'll get sick of it all
You’ll want to make a break for it
But the higher the wall
The greater it feels once you’ve reached the top.

I tend to avoid songs and poems because they're difficult (believe it or not, text is much easier), but this is just my own personal translation. :)

I'd never heard that song until today, which is pretty pathetic considering I live here. I don't listen to much local music though. I am a fan of Nico Touches the Walls, though, just because they have the best band name I've ever heard ever. :D

Love the blog.

aelko said...

Grate ! Nice band. I like it, thanks for sharing.


JES said...

Great song. Thanks!

Mostly because of my woeful lack of exposure to music of any kind.

Oh, thank God. I thought it was because you'd stopped doing laundry, when a lot of these used to be posted.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Thanks, Moonrat, I haven't listened to much Japanese pop so this was fun. I usually listen to Korean or Canto. I like this group's sound.

moonrat said...

JES--better not to push that particular line of thinking too far.

Ebony McKenna. said...

With lyrics like that, Japan should lobby to join the Eurovision Song Contest.

mariblaser said...

Dear Moonrat,

if you like Japanese rock, I like you; if you like anime, I love you! lol

Seriously, have you heard of the anime Full Metal Alchemist? The link leads to an awesome opening of the anime on youtube, which song is extremelly cheerful and, at least for me, inspiring.

But you see, I'm a sucker for Oriental culture, heh. Thanks for sharing the song. I really liked it. :)

twaddleoranything said...

"Everything's going to end up turning yucky to you" is one of the cutest translations I've ever read. :) Thanks for the recommendation--new music is always fun!

Chris Eldin said...

Happpy Saturday (and Sunday!) to you!!

And cheesy? You? You *are* a mouse, aren't you...

SM Schmidt said...

But the higher the cliff face, the better it feels

This part to me can go two ways. Not just speaking about the warm fuzzy feeling nearing the end. But also about the weak moments, you're being dumb near the end of the novel trying to take shortcuts, and the novel smacks you down until you can be serious.

I'd listen to the song for nothing other than the guitar! Mr. Children has a sweet guitar player.

Too Cute to be Very Interesting said...

I work at a language immersion school for kids, so who better to translate a song by a band called Mr. Children? All our teachers are native speakers, and here's what our Japanese teacher had to say when I asked for her help:

Certainly! It will be a literal translation.

Muzukashiku kangaedasu to
When you think of it in difficult terms
Kekkyoku subete ga iya ni natte
You become fed up with everything
Sotto sotto nigedashitaku naru kedo
you'll want to quietly slip out and run away
Takakereba takai kabe no hou ga
but the higher the wall
nobotta toki kimochi ii
the better you'll feel when you've climbed it

The message seems to be, don't make something more complicated than it is.
Otherwise you won't be able to face it head-on. Because after all, the tougher
the challenge the more satisfying it is when you've overcome it.

Bernard S. Jansen said...

watashi mo zenzen wakarimasen, demo dai suki desu, yo.

Whirlochre said...

Odd, I had it as

If you think about Japanese cheese
it makes your brain hurt — very runny!
Dispose of it carefully
(the cheese, not your brain)
if you eat it, but don't like it
on a mountain.

Patrick DiOrio said...

Japanese Schmaltz. Won't hold it agin' you.

kimberlyloomis said...

I love translations- they're almost always hilarious. It does sound about right about the writing experience however. I generally don't listen to Japanese music, not for any particular reason mind you, and am seriously considering checking out Mr. Children now. Anyone else wonder how they came up with that name?

And boy am I grateful I just saw Jennifer's translation. Thank goodness for that! Now perhaps I can get on with the day without thinking about "yucky".

Richard A. Kray said...

Oh my lord. If you want Japanese rock, there is only one band to listen to, Moon Rat. That band is, the legendary...

Guitar Wolf.

Also, they made a movie where they fight zombies with their rock.