Thursday, November 12, 2009

publishing glossary

Thanks, Tom Christensen, for leaving in the comments of a previous post this link to yourGlossary of Publishing Terms. Although I'm very angry with you because I spent an hour laughing my butt off over this instead of working on my NaNo.

On that note--one of my favorite entries was

EDITOR: A writer with a day job

Other favorites include:

The pretense that there is a group of readers who can be reached through writing that is sufficiently unspecific as to exclude no one.

PUBLICATION DATE (PUB DATE): A sliding holiday based on the phases of the moon.

COMMERCIAL FICTION: The notion of publishing as a way of making money.

Please note: Tom's Glossary is funniest if you already know the publishing term in question. For example, his definition for "Bluelines" is "A signal for the author to begin rewriting." Which is hilarious/painful if you know what blues are already--they're the printer's absolute final press-ready copy of a completed book, at which point it is very difficult and expensive to make any changes at all, and in which invariably authors find something that will cause them to die of apoplexy if it is not changed. Hardy har, Tom. Some terms are obviously funny, and some are pretty industry-oriented. I don't want newbie authors to get scared or confused by them! So ask away here in the comments if you want a "real" (well, you know, more docile) definition of an unfamiliar term.


Northwriter said...

I had some good laughs. Thanks. Now it's back to the manuscript.

tom said...

I feel terrible, Moonrat, about distracting you from your NaNo -- and I feel even worse when I think of how you may need to change the name of this blog now that you have laughed your butt off!

Lydia Sharp said...