Monday, November 16, 2009

Gravity's Rainbow Read-Along: Week 9 (p 561-630)

3/4 there... chug chug chug..

How's everyone doing? Status/reactions/thoughts/feelings?


Bernita said...


JES said...

I must say that although I'm not doing the read-along, this has been very cool to see unfold. (Almost -- not quite! -- to the point that it makes me want to drop everything and re-read it.)

Keep going, kids. Only two more checkpoints to go. (At which time I expect to hear much screaming going across many skies.)

John said...

My momentum is back! I got through this section really quickly, and I'm now into the second-to-last (!) section.

There was a lot going on in this section, but it also had time for the best joke in the entire book: the law firm of Salitieri, Poore, Nash, De Brutus, and Short.

I really liked the return to the madcap running around, Slothrop in a pig suit instead of his Rocketman getup. It's very much like a comedy in which a hapless character keeps getting mixed up in situations he doesn't quite comprehend, but thinks he does. I was glad to see Marvy again, even though the castration was pretty unpleasant.

Going strong into the end of this book--it's going to be weird when it's December, and there's no more Gravity's Rainbow, and no more NaNoWriMo. It's going to feel calm around here.

moonrat said...

My own opinion of the book (and its readability) has changed at least like 8 times over the past 600 pages... Although this section did start to come together for me (I agree with your comments, John), last week's is still a bit of a rough patch. I wonder how much I missed entirely?

And we can fill in some replacement addiction for December, John, if you want. My NaNo isn't going very well (haven't broken 2,000 words yet) so maybe we could, like, re-NaNo.

Jane Steen said...

CRUD! I am only on page 523 and therefore officially well behind. So this week must be the Big Push To The Finish, which means reading 20 pages a day, at least (it's too early to do math).

Will I make it? Well, John, your post has certainly given me some motivation, although I shall have to be VERY CAREFUL not to be eating when I arrive at the castration.

Sort of hoping it might be Slothrop who's castrated, but he's so one-dimensional anyway that without his hardon he may disappear altogether. I like that Pynchon is aware of this - doesn't he attribute that somewhere to Slothrop's increasing tendency to live in the moment?

Moonrat will there be another read-along? Can we vote on the book?

moonrat said...

Jane--my "real life" GR reading group has proposed taking a week of the sched (next week, the 23) for two reasons:

1) it's thanksgiving and no one can get there

2) it will give us a week to catch up with reading

so I won't have finished next Monday, for one. Take your time! we'll aim for 11/30.

And yeah, I'd love to do another read-along. Throw me some suggestions and I'll put up a poll. I do so dearly love polls!

John said...

Last week was definitely a rough patch for me as well. I just had no idea what was going on for a large portion of it.

As far as a December addiction, I think I may check out for the month. I'll be finishing graduate school applications in addition to finishing two feature stories for my real-life jobs. So I might take the month to, you know, decompress.

But I would totally be up for another group reading. I am thinking about starting a spring reading group for Augie March. It's a book that, like Gravity's Rainbow, I started and then drifted away from. I liked what I read, though, and would be interested in trying it out again.