Thursday, November 12, 2009

fangirling The Wheel of Time

So as everyone clearly already knows, on Monday night, Dadrat truckled up to New York (took the day off to do it, too) to sit all afternoon in the Union Square Barnes & Noble so we would have seats for the Brandon Sanderson/Gathering Storm event.

For those who aren't tired of my personal story, I read Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time--well, the first 7 books, all that had been published at that point--for the first time when I was 12. My dad had brought them home and was probably a little peeved when he starting having to compete with me over custody of a given book at a given time, but he never let on (it would only get worse when my brother and sister would also become obsessed). When Robert Jordan died tragically in 2007 without completing the 12th and final book in the series, my poor father went into occlusion. Hope and order was restored to the world (partially, at least) when it was announced that Brandon Sanderson would be completing the series with the aid of Harriet McDougal, Jordan's widow and amanuensis--not to mention editor--hence the rather feverish anticipation with which he sat at BNN warming second-row front-n-center seats for three and a half hours before the event started.

Rather than having Harriet read very much--too many spoilers--Brandon talked mostly about how he came to be the one to finish the series. There was bound to be scepticism toward anyone taking up the project, but Brandon definitely won us over--he might actually be a bigger WoT geek than my dad. For a man who's really had a major break in his career with this, Brandon's beginnings were modest and inspiring. He wrote 13 books before he got his first book published.

("You should blog about that," Dadrat said. "Your people will want to know that.")

Just in case anyone was waiting for a report.

Oh, ps, whoever the genius people in the Tor marketing department are thought of creating and giving out bumper sticker. Mine says "I killed Asmodean," but I could have gotten one that said "Bela is a darkfriend" instead. It makes me want to go out and learn to drive so I can buy a car to put the bumper sticker on.


CKHB said...

I'm just amused to know that I'm no the only person out there who doesn't know how to drive a car. (I'm from Manhattan, cars are USELESS there!)

Lydia Sharp said...

The things I learn by reading this blog...

You got my jaw to drop a little with this one: "It makes me want to go out and learn to drive..."

I had no idea you don't drive. Is that a New York thing? Where I live, you can't survive without a car and a driver's license.

I love the stories about your dad. Although I'm not as close to my dad as you, obviously, are to yours, my dad had fostered my love of science fiction and fantasy and READING from a very young age (my mom encouraged reading, too, but all she had on-hand were Harlequinn Romance novels, so...). My dad took me to some convention type thing (don't remember what it was, unfortunately) and bought me the box set of the Chronicles of Narnia. And, like your dad, we fought over certain books at certain times, since he felt it was necessary to read the set AT THE SAME TIME as me. Rar! Obviously, that is still a sore spot with me.

Mim said...

My Dad introduced me to the Wheel of Time series, and we have been anxiously discussing what the next book will be like and all of the characters and predictions for the end. He has been rereading the books since mid-Spetember and is nearly there.

I've got too much on my plate to reread all of them right now, I've got young kids at home and a husband who'd like some time with me. I'll start reading when they are all in school in a another years or two, just in time to get the last book in the series.

Your story about your family reminds me of my story with my dad. Thanks for sharing.

Bernita said...

Hello, Moonmouse Dear.
I can't drive either. Heh.

Charles Gramlich said...

so it is the conclusion to the series? Well that's good to hear that there will be closure.

Anonymous said...

I got both bumper stickers! I first chose: "Bela is a Darkfriend" because I thought it meant "Bella is a Darkfriend," and I was excited. ;) (It was the way the guy passing them out pronounced Bela.)

I told Brandon exactly how I thought the series should end...he laughed so hard he instructed his aide to put that in the chat room. (He was answering web questions while signing our books.)

onefinemess said...

Can't wait for the Portland Powell's signing :)

JES said...

So how is it that Momrat managed to escape the family infection? What was she reading while you were all in the throes of group-obsession?

Kiyote said...

I would love a bumper sticker. the bela one would be even more accurate since the new twit movie is coming out this week.

The KinslayerMUD Staff said...

Cool beans. Mr. Sanderson also did a great job with the latest book(don't worry, not posting any spoilers!!!), but it's just refreshing having something else out after so long. I love the series, so much so that I have a site of my own( KinslayerMUD, if anyone cares ), and seeing so many others just goes to show how real Mr. Jordan's world is to most of his fans.