Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Publishing-Related Backlist

All right, so some observation of my blog (in all its diverse interests, alas) has forced me to notice that some of my "focus" is being lost. Woopsies. This is, after all, supposed to be a blog about publishing.

I don't like reposting information because it's boring to people who've seen it before, but as we all know, bloggers come and go. So for those of my many friends who may have missed some of my early "articles" that are actually about, umm, publishing, I thought I'd post a little link-back cheat sheet.

Moonrat's Guide to Getting Published--this is pretty basic, and still the link I give to people who feel brand-new to it all.

Why You Should Never Submit Unagented to a Publishing Company--I know I'm basically preaching to the converted here. But please forward this to all your friends who think this is a good idea.

How Royalties Work--Just the basics, here. Lots of great comments clarifying things I missed, too.

Things You Should Be Able to Expect from Your Editor--Because there are some things it's ok to ask for! Here are some tricks for getting as much as you can out of the relationship.

Publishing by Omission
--the [mostly] unintentional racism that happens in book publication, and what you can do to fight it.

Marketing Your Book--More tricks for getting the most possible from your publishing company in terms of marketing.

Why 40% of books printed are pulped
--and all the background info you need to know about laydowns, sell-in, and cash-flow concerns that are the silly backbone of our industry.

Why it's super important to make your delivery date as an author

Book people are nice
--a story about why it's more important to be nice than cool in publishing

What Makes a Dream Author--Because editors are neurotic, crazy people, and you never know what will make them happy or drive them into their holes in the ground--a little cheat sheet.

Why it's important to know your agent is following up with editors
(from my editorial perspective)

My first print run is tiny! How do I save my book?
Some solace (most first print runs are tiny) and some tips.

To cloth or not to cloth? My thoughts on paperback originals versus hardcover.

My open letter to Overwriters everywhere.

Hedging your bets--how every stage of publication is a gamble, and where you should pause to ask yourself about risks.

What's safe to syndicate online
--my thoughts on this change and evolve, but here's where I'm at currently re: what to put up online if you're an author seeking publication, and what to protect and NOT put up.

Pre-editing--my thoughts on hiring a developmental editor before submitting to an agent or before your agent submits to houses.

Subrights--my thoughts on the advantages to either selling or retaining subrights (like foreign language translation, audio, book club, etc).

The Editing Cycle--a confession (from the editor's perspective).

What constitutes good sales for a literary novel?
With all the lying we publishing folks do about print runs and sales figures, it's hard to even know which way is up. Well, here's my opinion.

An editor's thoughts upon the death of a difficult author.

An agent told me I'm not a great writer! How do I survive?
My three tips on separating the publishing process from your creative process.

Less Is More--my manifesto on why publishing is failing as an industry, and some key ways I think we need to change.

For those of you interested in publishing, in whatever aspect, please remember I love and welcome questions.

For those of you who are shocked and dismayed to find out this is a publishing blog, fear not. I'll find an Asian pop video or a picture of a baby animal for you anon.


Cass said...

The back links are fantastic, and I have only checked out a couple. I need to bookmark this page. Thanks Moonrat!

Joan Mora said...

Thanks Moonrat--I'm sure I've missed a few.

Oops, I'm reading blogs during my scheduled writing time, gotta run...

Lydia Sharp said...

Wow, this is great! Linked it in my handy-dandy sidebar. Thanks. :)

Kate said...

Excellent! Thanks so much!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Thanks for putting this all in one place. I sent this post to our SCBWI members in the Southern CA region (well about 900 of them anyway).

Anita Saxena said...

Thank you for these links. Even for us regular followers it's nice to have a review.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I've read a lot of these and still managed to spend 45 minutes reading posts I'd missed. Thanks so much.

Paperface said...

This is very helpful, thank you. I'm definitely going to bookmark this page.

Keep'em coming :)

Ulysses said...

This is a publishing blog?

Sheesh. NOW you tell me. 8)

Nikki B said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm new to publishing, and blogs like yours are so helpful (and fun to read!) Reminds me of why I love this business while I'm slugging through backlog and invoices...

Leslie Smith said...

What wonderful information! One question: do you think it is as important to get an agent for picture books as for other books?

Jill Myles said...

Hey Moonie! Could you discuss multiple print runs and how a book in its third printing could still have a large amount of returns and such?

I've been asked recently how a book can go into a second print run but still have a ton of returns, and I think this is one of those things that more people think they understand than they actually do.

I confess I'm probably more fuzzy than I should be too. :)

moonrat said...

Leslie--Unfortunately I don't know a ton about picture (or children's) publishing, but judging by the stream of comments I've gotten from smarter people on other posts, the short answer, I think, is no, not as necessary.

moonrat said...

jill! good post suggestion! yes, i'll try to put one together soon. thanks ;)

Jill Myles said...

I live to serve! ;)

(PS - more baby animals are always welcome)


Jm Diaz said...

Pull!! Clay pigeon flies, and gets blasted away... that is the rest of my day thanks to your links. They are all so fantastic that I'll probably next the next few hours dissecting them.

As always, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Moonie, there's that wonderful post I read a year ago, the very day I'd just submitted unagented to a top editor. I got the request for the ms and it took a whole year to hear back. Just got the most beautiful comments in an email from an agent who loved it yet feared she couldn't place it. I'm getting the feeling I won't be getting an agent on this. It's been quite a long time with so many near-misses. So I have again gone and done the forbidden: I've sent a letter directly to an editor, suggested by a writer friend at that house. What have I got to lose? If this book can't get an agent (and I promise it's good, just different), I'm going to have to take the matter into my own hands. Someone's gonna buy this book. Then I'll get the agent.

Whirlochre said...


This is really useful stuff.

I may need a cute funnee ducky picture to recover...

Jemi Fraser said...

Thank you - what an awesome resource!!

Shreds said...

So great to have these all in one place--instant bookmark.

Jaleh D said...

I'm still working my way through these backlinks. Great stuff.

Kate said...

Oooh, this is interesting. I shall have to check some of these links out.

Mike Fook said...

Nice list of links - I opened about 8 of them in tabs in Firefox and I'll go read them in a sec. Very much appreciated! - Mike Fook