Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday morning obscure boy band cover moment

Since you're all so fond of Chinese pop ;)

Fools Garden (yeah, no apostrophe), an apparently German boy band, released this video, "Lemon Tree," in 1993 (although the video looks like it was filmed in the late 60s).

Then, Tracy, a Chinese pop singer, covered it in this video where in she measures men's noses and ears!

Fun for all.

Happy Saturday!


Lydia Sharp said...

The woman in that first video is clearly in need of therapy.

Definitely like the Chinese version better. Asian languages have a way of making everything they say sound like art.

Larissa said...

I vaguely remember that song. LOL.

The english (lemon tree and isolation) left in the Chinese version is just weird.

And now I want to go out for karaoke again, but I can't because my husband is out of town (three small children at home). Oh, well. I guess I'll just turn on my iTunes mix and sing real loud.

Briony said...

I loved that Lemon Tree song when I was in high school. I was pretty much alone in that though.

Kim said...

So, a while back, I was doing that thing that I do where I go *innocently* onto YouTube looking for something specific, and then an hour later I'm looking at out-takes from "Whose Line is it Anyway?" (look, those out-takes can be damn funny, people). I came across one of those links- you know the ones- where you look at it and go, "I think I might be a little afraid of this, but I can't *not* click on it"...

And it was two little Asian guys lips syncing a Backstreet Boys song in the most hilarious fashion. Have you seen this? They're apparently quite popular on YouTube. But every time I see you post about boy band covers (even though technically these two don't sing...), I think of it.

I'm scarred for life, I tell you. In a weird and yet still funny way.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Yay, China! I just moved back to the States after eight years in China, so I watched the Tracy version you posted with great personal interest. I was so happy that I could still understand most of the song since I haven't used my Mandarin at all over the last three months. The fact that it was the karaoke version definitely helped! And, *sniff*, it did make me homesick. Thanks for posting, Moonrat!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

By the way, Moonrat, have you ever watched any literal music videos on YouTube? There's one for the 80's song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that's just priceless. :)