Friday, September 11, 2009

link stealing: Friday publishing funnies, Gravity's Rainbow meetup, etc!

Literally everything below I stole from the Pimp My Novel Friday round-up:

Robert McCrum distills publishers' marketing euphemisms. Some of my favorites: "Booker Prize Contender" (a novel we paid too much for); "Cult novel" (no publicity to speak of but we got a review in Time Out); "Multicultural phenomenon" (no one can pronounce the author's name); "A European sensation" (we got drunk at the Frankfurt Book Fair).

The good ol' Book Publicity Blog explains what a book embargo is, and how it helps and complicates publicity campaigns.

Unrelated--check out the box in the sidebar for the Gravity's Rainbow readalong! It will be there forever and ever. Best news (well, for NY people): Jolie Hale is hosting the first NY meetup on 9/21. Details here.

Ok, that's actually it for now. But don't forget the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday! It's literally the best fun in publishing all year, and it's free, and the weather's supposed to be nice! Come frolic in Brooklyn Heights and pick up some bling from indie presses (and some less indie presses!).


Kim Kasch said...

Love that Multicultural phenom

Lydia Sharp said...

Haha. I stopped here first, so it's a good thing you mentioned the "link stealing." Pimp My Novel is next on the blog roll...that could've been bad.

Laura said...

Good god, Moonrat, first the Amish romances steal my ideas, now you're stealing my links. Next you'll be taking my fake-author-boyfriends!

You're lucky I've been reading your blog forever and consider this squee-worthy.

-Laura (who writes the round-ups at PMN but cannot remember to assertively take credit for it and so everyone thinks Eric writes them but I swear, I SWEAR this is all me)

Jenna said...

Woohoo, links! Thanks. I'll definitely check 'em all out.

Oh, and I've got something for you at my blog:

(Lol, my word verification is "wiserat.")

moonrat said...

Laura--*i* know it's you, never fear!! i greatly enjoy your friday roundups.

but this speaking of fake author boyfriends--just FYI, Chabon and Shakespeare are both already mine. we've been going steady for years. just, you know. F.Y. effin' I. okay?