Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gravity's Rainbow Read-Along Update

Hi all! Everyone gearing up for the Gravity's Rainbow read-along?

Here's some notes!

-Natasha Solomons has offered to organize a London or Dorset meet-up
-Kat has offered to organize a Leeds meet-up
-There will definitely be a New York meet-up on the evening of Monday, Sept 21--I'll let you know when I hear concrete details.

Re: Infinite Summer:

-Some (many) folks have requested postponing the start date two weeks to accommodate Infinite Summer, the Infinite Jest read-along. I didn't mean to overlap, guys--I got the dates wrong and thought it was over. So this is a democracy, and we do what all

All the clerical details for now--thanks to everyone who's already expressed interest/enthusiasm!


JES said...

I won't be reading 'cause I already read it and it's not a book that bears RE-reading -- took me like five tries, over a period of maybe that many years, to do it the once.

But I really did like the book and I'm going to be, er, reading along with the read-along. (At the time I got through it, I knew nobody else who'd done so; I think reading it as a group will make it much less of a task, y'know?)

Natasha Solomons said...

My copy arrived yesterday. I'm very excited. Anyone who wants to come to the London book meeting (in the pub - we'll bring our own cupcakes) - can you leave a message on this thread - or tweet me: @natashasolomons

I'm in London slightly sporadically, so our meetings may not exactly coincide with Moonrat's discussions.

So, first London meet will be Sunday 26th September. Yorkshire Gray Pub on Langham St. W1. Shall we say 5pm?

Lydia Sharp said...

Got my copy today and already started reading, so it doesn't matter to me when we start the "official" deliberations.

Uh...yeah...the cupcakes are the important thing anyway. Not gonna lie.

nicola griffith said...

Wow, a meet-up in my old stomping ground, Leeds. (Kat, if you're reading this, hello! I'm a Leeds lass, born and bred--now living in Seattle.)

Wish I could be there...

Linda said...

I need the 2 extra weeks - this book's not kindle-ized! Can you believe it? So I ordered... sigh... Peace, Linda

Lisa said...

I started reading this weekend, but I'm taking it slowly and I've got another book going on the side (book tramp!) I'm so glad so many people are doing this and if this goes anything like Infinite Summer, you might just find a reason to like Twitter after all. There are always some interesting comments and links about the books - hashtag #gravrain and I still follow #infsum. I will say I'm enjoying Gravity's Rainbow about 654 times more than I did Inherent Vice and that's a relief!

terri said...

Yes please, having trouble finding a copy!

word verify: 'poret' Having trouble finding a cheap copy because I am poret.

oneyearbook said...

I'm in - I've found my ol' paperback Penguin that I've had for something like ten years, on the expectation that eventually I would read it. And now, I hope that long-ago purchase will finally pay off.

oneyearbook said...

I'm in! I've had a copy for years and never read it, so this is a good excuse to check off another unread book from my shelf.

Kate said...

Has there been a final decision? When are the first 70 pages due? I really need to get on twitter, don't I?