Saturday, August 01, 2009

just finished reading

The Size of the World, by Joan Silber. My review here. Anyone else read it? Any thoughts?


Natasha Solomons said...

Hey Moonrat,

I've not read it yet - but sounds intriguing.

Can you give advance warning when you're planning to read/ review 'Persuasion'. My mentor is author and brilliant academic Janet Todd, who edited the novels of Jane Austen for Cambridge University Press. She recently edited 'Persuasion' and has given fascinating talks on what is involved in re-editing Austen for a new generation of readers.

For instance, the last time Austen was edited was by Chapman in the 1920s. He edited at the behest of friends, but he was really a gentleman critic rather than a scholar or a professional editor. All modern editions (until now) are based on Chapman. But the culture of JA was closer to him, than it is to us, so for example, he does not footnote the meaning of a 'barouche landua', knowing his readers would understand that this was a two seater, flashy carriage, dangerous and expensive (and driven by the odious John Thorpe in 'Northanger Abbey'). So, in a modern scholarly edition, it's useful to know that barouche= ferrari.

The editing history of 'Persuasion' is particularly interesting as it has two different endings, and as JA died during her editing, and so it remains in some ways unfinished.

Have a great weekend.


moonrat said...

thanks, Natasha!! i haven't bought the book yet--i'll try to find the most recently edited edition available (Prof. Todd's?).

i also have an awesome book i bought at the jane austen house in Bath. it's called JANE AUSTEN'S WORLD, and read the whole thing except the specific chapters on the books i hadn't read yet. (it's a great view into her life and times.) i plan on reading the PERSUASION chapter while/after i tackle the book.

so interesting to know that she died editing it... poor jane. if she'd been alive today, her condition could have been really easily treated... and imagine what else of hers we would have.

moonrat said...

sorry, got the title wrong:


here it is on Amazon:

it was SO worth $20.

Natasha Solomons said...

Yes, it's by Deidre Le Faye. She's great - she is a walking JA encyclopedia. We've been for pizza and I quizzed her over calzone. She has memorised the entire Austen family tree from 1600 until today. And ooh, she knows all the scandals.

I'm a bit of an Austen fanatic myself - adapted 'Lady Susan' for New Line. Then the studio went bang...

Jan's ed of 'Persuasion' is great but you'll want to get it from a library – it's $100 to buy! But you could get the value set for $900. No I'm not kidding.

I love: Jane Austen in Context (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen). But then I have a tea-towel that says 'I'd rather be reading Jane Austen'.

moonrat said...

you've been for pizza with Deirdre Le Faye?! for real?!