Monday, July 13, 2009

quick links

News update: I am DYING to see Harry Potter. DYING.

Now some random items (mostly an aggregate of Twitter posts; apologies to those who follow both):

6 solid tips for avoiding scam literary agents--a good starting point for anyone making the tricky agent decision. (Via )

Carleen Brice writes about the hard road to her first book deal. A heartening read!

101 weird ice cream flavors! (A lot of which I would totally eat, incidentally.)

In case you hadn't heard, a giant ant colony is taking over the entire world! (No, seriously!)

And finally, one GREAT reason not to make creative people cranky! Teehee.


MeganRebekah said...

People have been afraid of robots taking over the world - it looks like the true threat is the Argentine ant.
How long do you think before this pops up as a book or movie proposal?

Linda said...

Go Dave Carroll! Glad he's flaunting his muscial genius and maybe, just maybe, will be the single reason United tanks!

And the ice cream... hmmm, can't do fish flavors. I'd check out the wasabi, though. Happy Monday! Peace, Linda

Amalia T. said...

Re: Harry Potter

me too.

Kerry said...

I'm so excited to see HP that my head might LITerally explode.

silentsgirl said...

Oh pooh - I have a firewall on tinyurl so I can't see the agent information. Is there any other way to get at it?

Michael Reynolds said...

Is this the one where Harry Potter becomes a vampire?

annerallen said...

silentsgirl: the agent info is at

Sorry, I can't seem to make that live. You'll have to cut and paste, but that should avoid overzealous firewalls, in any case.

That's me: Anne R. Allen, veteran of the bad agent/bad publisher wars, bloody but unbowed, blogging so new writers can learn from my vast history of publishing mistakes.

I'm soooo jazzed to get a mention here, on one of my favorite blogs. Major Moonrat fan! Thanks bunches!

Anna Claire said...

Love the Dave Carroll video! And as an aside...does anybody else think really really Canadian accents sound just a tiny bit Irish? Maybe that's just me...

moonrat said...

Anne--my pleasure! I didn't know you were a reader. You haven't commented before, have you? I tend to stalk my commenters.

danceluvr said...

About Harry --

I've been so disappointed in the young actors who play Harry, Hermione and Ron in the past few movies, I'm reluctant to watch the newest one.

The only actor that looks how I envisioned the character is Emma Watson as Hermione. Except her hair isn't frizzy enough.

But all the adult actors have been great.

Maybe I'll catch this movie when it comes on cable TV.

annerallen said...

I fear I've mostly lurked here, Moonrat. I apologize. Now that I'm writing my own blog, I realize how frustrating it can be to play to a silent, invisible audience.

Thanks again for the plug for my "bad agent" post. I'll expand on the subject later this week.

And I adore today's politeness post. Kindness costs so little and has such power.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Harry Potter was good - still a bridge movie based on a bridge book.

United is asking for the video to use in their customer service training. Should be interesitng to see how this plays out.