Monday, June 01, 2009

BEA wrap-up

I promised a full report on BEA. Alas, I had 4 different authors in town (!) (don't ask--none of it was my fault, I promise) and while I LOVE hanging out with my authors and would rather do that than anything else, it meant that I didn't attend many panels or meetings worth blogging about.

For that kind of coverage, you might try PW, which has culled a number of reports.

Also, because of my general unavailability, I didn't get A SINGLE GALLEY. Boo. However, I did make my slave assistant get in line at 8 in the morning on Friday to wait in line for a Catching Fire galley. She managed to get like 40 pounds of "swag" so I don't feel bad. She did better than I did.

However, I did eat a number of delicious things (in chronological order):

-goat cheese omelete
-the rest of my agent friend's granola and yogurt
-some fresh fruit
-four (4) cups of coffee
-a poached pear and arugala salad (did I spell that right?)
-four (4) assorted pieces of delicious bread from the bread basket
-1/3 a bottle of olive oil (smeared all over above-mentioned bread)
-fried calamari with Thai chilli sauce
-spring rolls
-two (2) blueberry mojitos
-an almond croissant
-six (6) slices of ham
-two (2) cups of coffee
-a yogurt parfait
-another cup of coffee
-a huge handful of sunflower seeds
-edamame dumplings
-deep fried rock shrimp
-bok choi (yum)
-some kind of flat brown noodle
-some kind of gin cocktail with elderflower in it
-a martini with three olives
-frozen peanut butter mousse in a chocolate shell
-one (1) pot of coffee
-a cup of green tea
-one (1) bread basket
-a bowl of raspberries
-a cup of hot chocolate
-a bowl of olives (this time I did NOT eat the pits)

Now, unfortunately, I am saddled with hideous deadlines. So until I think of something awesome to blog about that's worth blowing off deadlines for, I think I'll go do some "work."


Deb S said...

Note to self:

Start diet after BEA

Amanda said...

You guys are so lucky. I want Catching Fire!!

Jo said...


and the gin drink with the elderflower sounds intriguing (as do the blueberry mojitos). Since elderflower is an analgesic (I know this because of research for my WIP) does that mean you don't get a hangover? Or did you not eat the garnish?
I was at BEA and had a super time, plus I sent my 6 year old son on swag missions for me and he scored big time.

KTDP said...

edamame dumpling .... freallz .... as in authentic .... yum ....

JenniferWriter said...

Did I pitch a book signing at you? I was pimping books for Midpoint Trade (booth next to HarperCollins). I kept wondering if you were around.

Too bad about the lack of swag but still--you got Catching Fire!!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Does BEA stand for Big Eating Attack?

Melanie Avila said...


Precie said...

Jealous...oh so very jealous.

Psst...Aerin and I are plotting to invade BEA 2010! Or at least the Writer's Conference part of it, I guess. :)

Justus M. Bowman said...

That's quite a list. Surely you don't keep track of everything you eat. Right?

Jolie said...

Hello, fellow olive-laden-martini fan! My god, I am jealous of your food list.

I'm working out how to hypnotize you via the web so that you will mail me your Catching Fire galley.

Malanie said...

Food! I would go just for the food! Okay, maybe a few other things...

Chris Eldin said...

What are you going to do with Catching Fire when you're finished reading it?
Oh! A contest on this blog?
LOL @ Big Eating Attack!!! AHAHAHAH!

Rebecca said...

I lucked into a Catching Fire ARC and I have never gasped so unironically so many times before at anything I've ever read.

the wanderer said...

Did you manage to get a copy of Catching Fire? I waited in line for tickets to go to Suzanne Collins' signing, but the woman in front of me got the last ticket!

Luckily I managed to weasel my way into getting the ARC from a blogger who lucked into two copies.

Janet Reid said...

Those blueberry mojito thingies were delicious.
I suggest we have regular Friday lunch meetings there throughout the summer. And I'll bring The Wanderer and let you pummel a copy of Catching Fire out of her.

Turns out she here. Damn cagy godsends.

Ello said...

Food!!!!! Such an excellent round up, I must say. Food makes up for lack of galleys. Especially if you got Catching Fire.

panting... lusting... drooling...

JES said...

[Taking a break from the 6/4 seriousness... been meaning to comment on this post, just now getting around to it.]

Clearly, I mean CLEARLY you are an appreciator of good food. So I just did a search of the EA blog on the word "recipe" and, surprise surprise, actually got hits on posts in which you discussed preparing food yourself (like dinner for your fancy aunt, a couple years ago).

But DO you cook as a matter of course? I'd trust you to point me to a NYC restaurant for almost any sort of cuisine, based on (most of) (sorry) the things you talk about liking. But then I start worrying, like, my God, she must spend a fortune on eating out...!

Just another question for the archives, and probably good timing because in the nature of bloggery probably no one else will revisit this post. :)

moonrat said...

JES--sometimes, yes, i do cook, actually! although usually the monkey does all the cooking. i usually only make italian soups, and he won't eat them. rar.

Emily said...

I'm lucky enough to have a friend that snagged a copy of Catching Fire for me - I just finished it yesterday!

...and now I have to wait until who knows how long until book three. oh dear.

Colleen_Katana said...

Oh my god. I want all that food now. I realize that was probably not the point of that post at all...but all I can currently think about is a goat cheese omelet.