Thursday, May 28, 2009

Magickeepers: Lit Blog with Your Kids!

Merry Monteleone has an interview with the beloved children's writer Erica Kirov over on her blog today. Erica is talking about her new middle grade novel, Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass.

It's interactive, meaning Erica is there to answer further questions, and best yet, Merry has set the interview up to be kid-friendly. Since Erica writes for middle grade readers, she and Merry hope to blog for them, too.

Readers, writers, middle grade parents, and teachers are all welcome, too!


Merry Monteleone said...

I love you, Moonie!

Thanks so much for announcing this - I sooo love our blogging - writing community it's beyond incredible.

When I offered to do an interview for Erica's new middle grade, I really wanted to find a way to break that marketing barrier - the writing community is fantastic and supportive. But I think the biggest challenge I see writers face is how to not only get the word out to the writing community, but to readers as well - and middle grade readers don't often frequent writers' blogs (thank god, we might scar them) and neither do their parents unless they're also writers.

So I really tried to do a lot of word of mouth, facebook, and email blasts to personal friends and my kids' friends who don't normally know what's going on in the writers' world.

If you're up for a discussion on ways writers can utilize social media to reach their readers, or any other aspect of promoting their work, I'd love to see what authors and publishing professionals have to say about what's been done and what's working.

Meanwhile, I really wanted to go a bit above and beyond on Erica's middle grade novel because 1) It was a way to share this with my oldest, who is loving the fact that she can talk directly with the author and 'chat' online 2) It's a fantastic novel, and I love sharing those anyway and 3) Erica is one of the most giving and thoughtful people I've ever met - in real life or cyber life, so even though I only have a little blog, I wanted to throw as much pr muscle as I could muster into it for her.

Thanks for posting on this Moonie.

Malanie said...

Moon, thank you for announcing this interview. Merry is a super person, even helping out a new writer like myself.

Merry, I am running over to your blog to check out the interview! I am so excited to check it out!

Charles Gramlich said...

After I've been reading the Harry Potter books I'm in the mood for more young adult type fantasy. I'll have to check it out.