Thursday, May 14, 2009

a little late, but

On Mother's Day, I was extremely distracted watching every episode of FIREFLY consecutively with Dadrat while eating Razzleberry Pie.

But now that it's the Thursday after Mother's Day, I'd like to take this moment to appreciate all the ridiculous women I'm so lucky to have in my life. Especially because I believe they are amusing on a more general level.

I know everyone knows Momrat from her recent opinion of the internet, but it might have been awhile since you remembered Momrat's condition, Momrat's fateful adventure with the police, Momrat's surveillance by the CIA, or that time with the pie.

Or if you've had enough of Momrat for now, I offer you the other lady in my life, my Great Aunt, pictured here with her Sicilian zucchini (warning: image may be traumatizing). Or if you'd like, you can read about the Aunda's opinions of modern sexual mores.

Here's a shout out to all the ladies out there, whether you are mothers, have mothers, have lost mothers, or never got to be mothers, like the Aunda. I love the way we're all here for one another.


Kim Kasch said...

Does everything grow in those proportions in Sicily?

Yeah to the pistola ;-)

Emily Cross said...

Firefly = awesome!!!

Why oh why was it ever cancelled!!!!

We need to start a petition me thinks

librarian friend said...

nice. firefly.

McKoala said...

There can never be too much Momrat.

Eimear said...

Dadrat is supercool. Wish my dad would have Firefly marathons with me ... did you spot young Zac Efron?

Christa said...

I just went through and read all of the posts you linked to about sure how to ask this, but...did all these stories actually happen???

I was laughing so hard and thinking, "Man! Why can't I have any family members like this? This is SUCH great material."

If they're not real, then you've got an awesome imagination and should switch from editing to writing!

All of them were priceless. Thanks for sharing!

Kristan said...

OMG the pecan pie story was the best!!

Although I think my aunt (also a teacher) as the same imaginary marbles condition...

And yes, Firefly = awesome!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Thanks for the links to the previous Momrat posts. Being a latecomer to your blog, I missed most of those the first time. And that zuchinni? Wow! Scary is hardly the word for it.

Yay for all the women in the world! Without them, we'd be extinct.

Jo said...

Firefly- awesome
Ladies - awesome
Zucchini- awesome
and Sicilians- molto awesome
I myself have been on a Buffy marathon and am soon to start an Angel marathon followed by Firefly for the third time. Best escapism ever!

moonrat said...

Christa--alas (or happily, depending on your perspective), none of these stories are even vaguely made up.

PurpleClover said...

Wow, I thought I was the only Firefly addict. Why did they ever cancel that show? Makes me bonkers. They always cancel my favs.

As for your great aunt's zucchini - WOWSAHS! I would have to hit her up for some packaged goods. :)

How big can they grow a bottle of vino there?

Pamala Knight said...

Firefly was SO AWESOME and Fox definitely has some quacked out 14 year old running its programming department. That has to be the answer or else they wouldn't continually cancel great programming when the other 14 year olds fail to catch on IMMEDIATELY (can anyone else say Arrested Development??) Okay rant over for the time being.

Thank you dearest darling Moon Rat, for the Motherly wishes. Mostly thanks for sharing the stories of your family with us. I must have missed MomRat and the CIA the first time around, but oh boy does it still kill.


Anna Claire said...

I'm a latecomer to your blog too, and had no idea Momrat is so awesome. Thanks for posting the links so we can catch up--you definitely need to write a book!

Matt said...

The Firefly Mother's Day Marathon has a nice ring of tradition to it. Hmmm.

jalexissmith said...

we know your type

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