Monday, April 13, 2009

When the Flock Changed

In most excellent news, Maud Newton's short story/novel excerpt was chosen as Narrative Magazine's Story of the Week, which means we can all read it for free here!!

Alas, she devilishly keeps us waiting for the rest. WHERE IS IT, MAUD?!?! Pleeease write it so we can read it. Thanks.


Kim Kasch said...

A Free-Read, can't beat that.

Charles Gramlich said...


Silicon Valley Diva said...

Awesome. I subscribed to this website. Thanks for the link!

joshua said...

'kay, so i'm a long time reader and i've got something to get off my chest:

you know what i love about you, moonrat? you're so brilliantly candid and easy to identify with.

i read your entries and i'm like, "heck, i feel exactly the same way when (insert generic event here) happens. maybe if i keep writing, i'll come across an agent/publisher like her!"

it's easy to have hope when i read this blog. moonrat, i'm pretty sure you're everything that is so freaking awesome about the book industry.



- josh

moonrat said...

i like you, josh.