Tuesday, April 21, 2009

congrats, Briane and Lynne!

I love having awesome news on Tuesdays :) And I have a double whammy today.

Mischief maker Briane Pagel's short story "Don't Eat My Face" has been selected for inclusion in Graveside Tales' Harvest Hill anthology, due out Fall 2009.

Also, Lynne Griffin's debut novel, Life Without Summer, published by St. Martin's Press, is finally in bookstores!


Now who else hasn't been sending me awesome news lately? I know a bunch of you people are holding out! I love good news, so please loop me in.


annathepiper said...


Can I share news about blog tour posts? ^_^

Congratulations to Briane and Lynne, that's awesome news for them both!

PurpleClover said...


Wish it was me. :)

Maybe in a couple years. ;)

Janet said...

Um, I got an agent? That's my good news.

Congrats to Briane and Lynne!

Deb said...

Nice job, Brianne and Lynne!

My good news is that my "fun book" has been accepted for reissue! ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN will be published by Desert Breeze in May '09. Next month. Gulp.

Thanks for inviting us to share.

Kari Stewart said...

I comment rarely, but here's my good news:

I signed a three-book deal with Roc. First book (A Devil in the Details) is due out July of 2010.

Alex Green said...

Janet, yay for you. I'm not even getting jealous. Mostly 'cause I'm not ready yet. But that must have been a great email/phone call

And Kari, congratulations. That's freakin' awesome. I hope everyone around you is doing an excited happy dance for you. If not, let me know, I'll do one.

Janet said...

Alex, the email asking for the full I had to fish out of the spam folder. (Always check the spam before deleting!) I was just shutting down for the night. Yeah right. Not much sleep happening that night.

I sent the full in the morning and the next day he said he wanted to represent me. Also by email. I was totally unprepared.

Deb, nice. A re-issue must be fun.

Kari, THREE books? Wow. That is marvelous.

Briane P said...

Thanks for posting this, Moon Rat! Your advice is invaluable.

Briane P said...

And that's even greater news, Janet and Deb and Kari. Here I was all proud and now I'm just jealous again.