Monday, March 02, 2009

re: the pink jump suit

I came home from work today to find this lovely email from a very dear and very old friend who apparently stalks me on my blog:

Dear Moonrat,

I was going to post this on your blog. But I thought maybe it was too mean.

Oh my goodness gracious....

I am no fashion expert but you seem to need brightline rules. Here they are:

1. Under no circumstances wear anything that was given to you by your mother, aunt or any other female relative. This especially includes cousins. It does not include sisters. The right to revoke this privilege in the future is expressly reserved.

2. Stained clothing is not work appropriate.

3. "Themed" clothing is not work appropriate, even if given to you by the Rally Monkey.... perhaps especially if given to you by the Rally Monkey. This includes shirts with pictures of poo.

4. Warmth is paramount. Thus, said pink jumpsuit may be worn in extreme situations. For example, it is excessively cold and your normal coat is stained with poo. #4 requires a degree of discretion on the part of the wearer.

Hope this is helpful.


writtenwyrdd said...

As usual, unless you know someone really well, the missing nuances lend one to think meanness is afoot. But as this is an old and dear friend, I suspect a mild sarcasm is at work. The thing that's important is what you think, of course.

You have a tee with pictures of poo and a coat stained with poo?

I am awed by your apparent poo attracting abilities.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Good rules to know. I'm printing this one out for my circular file. ;-)

Anonymous said...

no unkindness intended. :)

and for the record, while moonie has a tee with a pic of poo on it, she does not (currently) have a coat stained with poo (I don't think). that was merely a hypothetical- an example of application of the bright line rule.

luckily for moonie, she is so naturally beautiful that she can oft get away with much more in terms of 'fashion' than others. i suspect if the jump suit had not been so bright, no one would have noticed anything other than her shining smile.

- old, honest friend

acpaul said...

I'm tempted to ask for a picture of the jumpsuit in question, so that we can judge this for ourselves.

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

One of the gems from my mom is a purple velour track suit.

Congrats on the promotion.

Lapillus said...

This is one of those posts that would be better served with a picture.


Sara Nassrine said...

When I was 14, I came home to find my bed covered with my mother's cast-off clothing. Apparently, she had been struck with a fit of overwhelming self-worth while I had been at school, and decided that hot stuff like her didn't need to be weighed down in clothing like that.

Unaware of this development, I questioned whether my bedroom had become the new dumpsite for the goodwill. Giving a smile overflowing with generosity and excitement she exclaims: "Oh! No, honey! I found all those clothes in my closet, and they were too big for me, so I thought maybe they would fit YOU!"


...My mother was a regular ol' size 9 at the time. Mathematically, at the very least, nothing too big for a 9 is ever going to stay up on a size 1. I decided to thank her anyway.

Lesson learned: if your female relatives are anything like mine, take your dear friend's advice and STAY THE HELL AWAY from any and all cast-offs. :)

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is that I am SURE that this pink jumpsuit was not a cast off but was rather SPECIFICALLY purchased (from a tag sale, no doubt) for Miss Rat.