Monday, March 30, 2009

just finished reading

Just finished reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, by Michael Chabon (my review here).

Also, I finally put up my review for Inheritance, by Lan Samantha Chang, which I finished a couple of months ago.

Anyone read either of them? Any thoughts?


Lisa said...

I read Mysteries of Pittsburgh in 87-88 (?) -- whenever it first came out in hardcover (I still have my 1st Ed. right here, so Mrs. Chabon, if you could get Mr. Chabon to sign it...). Naturally, I forget quite a bit of it, but I do remember not feeling completely satisfied. I'll have to re-read it one of these days.

Belynda Cianci said...

I've actually just won that as a Olive Edition three-pack (along with "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" which I have not read, and "Everything Is Illuminated" which was incredible). I shall have to bump "Mysteries" up my list!

moonrat said...

Lisa--one thing that's inspiring is that apparently all of us, even my boyfriend, can learn and grow (once we get a major book deal and tons of critical acclaim). Heehee.

Belynda--i've read ALL THREE of those! woohoo!! i read UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS about 10 years ago and it changed my life, although i think maybe i'd better reread it and see if i still like it. and EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED is just fun for everyone.

Sophie Littlefield said...

Mysteries of Pittsburgh...hells yeah -
back in the day.
very odd experience when your 16YO is discovering what you once discovered many years earlier.
chabon rocks, but i liked him better when he was still learning....

emeraldcite said...

I'm a huge Chabon fan. I read this way back in college, maybe 1998ish. A friend of mine was doing an email interview with Chabon about a few months before he got his Pulitzer for Amazing Adventures, which is a badass book as well.

They talked quite a bit about comics.

Anyway, I loved Pittsburgh (being a native of central PA as well) and thought it was a well-written debut.

There's not a day that goes by that I'm not jealous of Chabon's talent with prose.

emeraldcite said...

Side note:

I love Chabon so much that I taught Mysteries of Pittsburgh to several sections of college freshman a few years back. Overall impression: they loved it.

Of course, I did have a little trouble with the homophobes in the class, but on the whole it was a positive experience.

Marie said...

Uh, this wasn't your first time with Mysteries of Pittsburgh was it? What with MC being your boyfriend and all?

I loved Inheritance when it came out.

Cakespy said...

I've been very curious about the Chabon book...this reminded me that I have been wanting to read it. It's added to the library queue!