Saturday, February 28, 2009

things the rally monkey says

RM: Your dogs have the dumbest names. I'm so embarrassed for them.

YT: That's my mother. My dad and I tried to convince her to name them a whole bunch of different cool and clever names, but my mom won.

RM: Your mom always wins. Your mom is totally unscrupulous and capitalizes on every unfair advantage. She's like the Yankees.


Charles Gramlich said...

But do the dogs like them? Isn't that the question?

Susan said...

ROFL! What chance do you and your dad have against the might of World Champions?? I laughed out loud at the last line, thanks for that!

cindy said...


and does moonie take after mommy dearest? =D

moonrat said...

cindy--umm, maybe just a little.

Kristan said...

LOL! As the girlfriend of a Yankees fan, I can totally appreciate this.