Wednesday, February 25, 2009

some short snippets

Richard Nash, leader extraordinaire of the very special indie press Soft Skull and a blogging colleague who has dropped by here a couple of times, is as of today leaving Soft Skull (via Galley Cat). Richard, who is famously innovative, is surely moving onto another set of exciting projects... Richard, if you see this note, please give us a hint what!

It's Toni Morrison's 78th birthday. Happy Birthday, Toni. Long have you been a beloved author of mine. And can I say that when I saw you speak in November, I had NO idea you were 78. I think I was off by at least 25 years.

We have a book club meeting on Sunday, March 1st! Join us to discuss Alexander Chee's Edinburgh. I know a bunch of people have read it already--should be a vibrant conversation. Alexander, I know you're a blogger--maybe you'll drop by if you see this?


Lisa said...

He's a Tweeter too...sshhh, don't tell him I'm following him.

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Wow, I wonder what awaits his next grand adventure and if publishing/writing will part of it?

Oh my. Had no idea Toni Morrison was 78??? She does indeed look great!

Alexander Chee said...

You guys are great. Thank you. Where are you, anyway? Or is this an online discussion?

Also, if you're not local to me, I'd be more than happy to answer questions, if you want to send them to me before you meet.

Holloway McCandless said...

Maybe Nash will give a hint soon on his blog:

angelle said...

I'M REALLY EXCITED to talk about this book!!!! you know i finished it in like one sitting.

btw i'll be in ny on march 1 though, possibly nursing a hangover. but don't forget me!!

and the groupie in me is all thrilled that alexander chee has responded on your blog. [don't tell him i stalk him.]

moonrat said...

Alexander, we're online. I put a post up early in the morning EST (so our friends in South Africa and the UK have time to chip in) and people comment when they happen to stop by. Pretty free-form.

But I could probably come up with some questions. :)

Linda said...

Tell me it isn't so???? Nash CAN'T leave SSP... I LOVE that press (just reviewed ALL ABOUUT LULU a few posts ago). And after that fabu P&W group interview, too. Sigh.


Peace, Linda