Friday, February 13, 2009

fun links to enjoy WITHOUT a Valentine!

Customize your own erotic novel! (Thanks, Angelle.)

Make an unbearably cute Japanese obento box! No interest in sharing one of these with ANYone. (Thanks, Marie.)

A monkey (in the wild) has been adopted by some pigs. The video! (Thanks, Rumpus.)


Ann Victor said...

If the bentos taste anything like sushi you don't have to share them with me...your Valentine's chocolate, on the other hand,may never be the same again!

to you & all your blogreaders: may tomorrow be a Valentine's Day overflowing with all you love!

moonrat said...

yes! like...pancakes!

Ann Victor said...

Do you mean bentos tastes like pancakes?

Or that the taste of bentos is to sushi what the taste of pancakes is to sushi?

(Sorry, I'm called the Nitpicker on my on-line writers group. It's a title I've worked hard to earn!!) :)

Linda said...

Love those bentos. Happy Valentine's Day and hope you're feeling up to snuff. Peace, Linda

Maree A. said...

Since I don't have sushi or bentos, or even any chocolate to hand (boo hoo!) I'm almost tempted by the U Star Books and Novels link....Not! Gotta love the U Star Lovin'O'Meter addition, where you can choose various options to make sure your love scenes are not too steamy. Cripes, it's just all a bit creepy for me!

Happy Valentine's Day ;-)