Friday, January 09, 2009

Yiddish Expression of the Day

Lobbus--little monster


JES said...

"Little monster"? On a books-and-writing blog, we're more likely to need the Yiddish for "little darlings."

[Ooooh, word verif is "copier". I think this is a hint that you need to stop cribbing from reference books before the DMCA goons (the lobbuses) come after you.]

McKoala said...

Now that's one I know I can use...

HoodChick said...

I can get a lot of use from this one. For example, last night whilst my 2 year nephew wriggled on my lap for 20 minutes NON-STOP while we checked out holiday pictures:
Me: "What are you, a crack monkey?"

Nephew: "Cwack monkey."

Nephew's mother: "Nnniiiice" in a tone that told me it. so. wasn't.

Marjorie said...

Yiddish expression which pays tribute to a mind-set: "In di alteh guteh tseiten!"
And my blog, marjorie-pentimentos, is a true homage to that expression. Enjoy and laugh!

Travis Erwin said...

Just wanted to stop in and say thank you from me, my wife and our two little lobbuses. Or maybe it is lobbie?

Who knows but my entire family is grateful for everyone who has helped make this trying time a bit easier.