Thursday, November 20, 2008

when do I know I'm going to buy a book--or pass?

Guest blogging today over at the lovely Writers Group.


cindy said...

great interview! very informative as always, moonie!

Anonymous said...

awesome, informative post!

I hope it's okay to ask a follow-up question, which is, can you shed some moonie-light on why, if most editors (and I assume most early readers and editorial assistants)know within 20-50 pages whether they like something or not, would they still be reading a manuscript since September, especially in this economy? Wouldn't everyone be anxious to say "no?" "Still reading" is the response my fabulous agent gets when she calls to check.
I'm sorry for the whiny-ish question. Imagine I'm serving with lovely cheese fondue from Artisanal.
Thanks for the daily does of awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I knew that first word was critical. And the first sentence. The first paragraph, too. The first page...absolutely. Page two...priceless. The rest of the book? Need I say? Bottom line is each line needs to sing a song that mesmerizes...the siren song of words wrapped in a gorgeous story. I love it when a book comes together....

Anonymous said...

Love the post. Love it. Love it! At the same time, assuming the pitch, proposal, and manuscript snag YOUR undivided attention, the "jillion other people" involved in the process make things a bit trickier, don't they?

I mean, my book proposal sailed easily through the pub board meeting at one house, but met a tidal wave of luke warm water when brought to the subsequent acquisitions meeting. Apparently, the sales staff is a big part of the decision making process, and they want something just a bit different.

So, the trick becomes pleasing one without alienating the other, doesn't it?