Wednesday, November 05, 2008

what a day! (celebrating me)

I love you guys so much! There has been much hilarity and a surprise party over the course of a grueling day at work, and I can't tell you how much it all means to me! Here are some highlights of nice things that have happened.

You all wrote me a million haiku for my haiku contest. I'm really excited to go home tonight and post a bunch more, because they're just too good to be true. For full disclosure--I was talked into doing the haiku contest by the subversive Miss Ello, who told me I needed to celebrate my anniversary somehow. Turns out she was distracting me from a plan she and her nefarious cohorts had been working on for months!

Ello, Precie, Chris Eldin, and Cindy put together this amazing surprise party that made me very emotional. There are a bunch of AWESOME contests and prizes--I don't know who keeps innovating these blog contests, but they should think about taking up book publicity. They'd rock some industry socks.

There's a whole column of contributing bloggers down the side, all of whom have linked up, posted, and been part of the party--how many friends I have! MomRat was so worried I'd never be socialized; thank you all for making her feel better about her progeny.

Cindy Pon painted me this beautiful orchid.

Andromeda somehow created pencils that say "I Make Mischief" and ""--my first professional marketing materials!

Froog, after months and months of hemming and hawing and choosing 70s tv stars and athletes instead, has finally elected me his fantasy girlfriend. High time, Mr. Froog, is all I have to say.

Thank you all!! More to come.


cindy said...

i'm so glad you love orchids, moonie!! hurrah!!!

writtenwyrdd said...

Moonie, I think you could also market the blawg by having a Cafe Press site and sell "I heart Robert the Publisher" tees with your blog addy below (in tasteful small lettering of course). I'd buy one.

Phoenix said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm a long-time lurker, but you're on my RSS feed and I read your posts every day. Thank you for the many smiles -- and the occasional growls. You and MomRat feel like virtual family. You know, second cousins once removed ;o)

Congratulations on 2 wonderful years!

JES said...

This whole thing is very cool -- from the fact of your two-year anniversary to the passion and protectiveness of The Mischief to the surprise MoonieLove site.

Wish I'd found my way here two years ago. Blessed to have found my way here eventually.

Pamala Knight said...

Hooray! And Viva to spreading the Moonie love around. I wish I could write that synopsis that would knock your socks off, but I fear mine would just make you wonder which inmate at the asylum slipped me a twenty to post it.

Oh well. Off to try to write a haiku.

Froog said...

Of course, I am bitterly jealous of Chabon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations, Moonie. I must say this is one of my favourite blogs and I make it my first stop every weekday morning. Maybe one day i'll have one of my own, when i figure out what to write about :)


Ello said...

I'm a sly pig!

AC said...

You're completely fabulous, Moonie. I lurk here all the time and lurve evrything you post.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

You deserve it all, Moonie, and hope you had a great day!

Marie said...

Cindy is so talented! My friend Kaytie and I spent an hour looking at her artwork and chatting via Gmail, just admiring her work.

Congrats, Moonie. I'm glad you had a surprise to remember. You have some incredibly thoughtful (and organized) friends.

cindy said...

marie, wow. i just saw your lovely encouraging comment. thank you so much.

Precie said...


So glad you enjoyed it!