Wednesday, November 05, 2008

some more haiku

(and this awesome limerick byKiersten)
There once was a rat named Moonie,
who gathered a group, quite loony,
they were her mischief
their spirits she lifts
That rat icon makes them all swoony.

A laundry tetrology by Froog:
One load, once a month.
For an editor, laundry's
Low priority.

Stacked quarters waiting
And laundry basket bulging –
Never any time!

No time for drying;
Apartment reeks of mildew;
Damp clothes on the line.

Clothes start running short.
All moulder in the basket.
Last pair of knickers?!

some more by the tireless Froog
Hours of thankless toil:
The task seems never-ending.
Manuscript of Doom.

Always too much work,
But Friday karaoke's
Her consolation.

The dashing author
Charms all with his words, his smile.
Alas, he's married.


Kiersten said...

Gosh, I feel famous now...

And I suppose I'm going to have to officially stop lurking, as well ; )

Yay Moonie!

Natalie said...

Kierst, you ARE famous now! So famous. And cute limerick. You're quite the pro at those.

Charles Gramlich said...

Manuscript of doom! I love it. I should start calling my manuscripts that.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

The Froog is definitely a majory Moonie fan! No wonder he wants you as his fantasy girlfriend! ;-)