Thursday, November 06, 2008

Haiku Winner Impossible to Pick

While I ruminate the choices, normal blog post publishing will resume as previously scheduled.

It's interesting how because of current events I'm not writing about any of the topics I'd planned out for November. Hmm.

In the meantime, I distract you with further contest entries!!

Ratty breath – baited
Waiting for the perfect read
Yuck – slush – ill fated
--Kim Kasch

i have a craving
for maple glazed pork belly
get in my belly

no never again
will i wash the laundry drunk
i hate you red sock


Above the sea of
Brightly coloured petals I
Wave farewell to you.
--Ann Victor

Harder. More. Faster.
Syllable count S and M
Haiku grunt and moan

Mom said don’t mix whites
I told her that was racist
(I just like new clothes)

Splash tonic, no lime --
don't forget ibuprofen.
Wake me tomorrow.

Moonrat heaves a sigh
For her contest ends today,
And no more haikus.
--Ann Victor


Anonymous said...

Those haikus are good. But, in some cases in my opinion, a little off.

1. Moonie does not take tonic.
2. Moonie does not separate her clothes.
3. Moonie does not wash her clothing often enough for there to justify multiple haikus (haiki? haike's? haikues?) on the subject.

moonrat said...

anon, who are you? you know me too well.

cindy said...

haha! these are great! the moonie devotees are so talented!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a tough choice. I don't envy you

Precie said...

pssst---At your discretion, moonie, the winner may also receive the prize I posted for the Poetry contest on your Lovefest blog. (or you can assign that as a runner-up prize or something...I serve at the pleasure of the moonrat.)

JES said...

Anon, regarding quibble #1: "...on anonymous lurker" made the syllable count WAY too long.