Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Raffle winners

Some winners have curiously not yet come forward to claim their prizes! Folks who haven't already, please zip me an email and we can talk about getting you your prize!

Full manuscript: Joe
Partial manuscript: Pamela
Query: Valerie
YA/MG first chapter: Amy
Picture Book: Randall
Library books: Linda, Cindy, Precie, J, Robin


Precie said...

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

pacatrue said...

Yay for people I know! And for those I don't!

writtenwyrdd said...

This is a good thing you're doing, Moonie. And congrats to all raffle winners.

Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Yay! :-D

Moth said...

I am the query winner but I haven't been able to get online to email. And the computer I'm out right now is at my school. And they don't allow email either. But I want it and I will email you. Just give me a day or so!

Conduit said...

Congrats to the winners, especially Joe. :)

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

Good job, Moonie. Congrats to the winners who include ALL who helped this great cause.

Moonie, do keep us up to date on your friend and her journey to great health.

Many blessings!!

Joe Iriarte said...


I dropped out of the blogosphere for a bit because I wasn't getting enough work done on my writing, and now I can't check the other blog. My name is Joe, and I entered that drawing. Am I the Joe in question?

(I'm not too late, am I?)

moonrat said...

yes, Joe!! and no, you're not too late!!!!

Joe Iriarte said...



Holy crap, I can't believe I won a raffle!