Thursday, October 30, 2008

oh my gawsh (CONTEST!)

Yeah, yeah, Halloween, election, yadda yadda. You know what's somehow been under-publicized?!?! My two year blog anniversary!! Woohoo!

Let's observe a brief sentimental moment, during which I reflect over how much things have changed in two years--I used to write this blog for only myself!!! And then for one other person!! For like 6 months!! Then there were like 10 readers. Then there were 60. Etc, etc. It's kind of crazy. I read all the comments (yeah... I do... they all get emailed to me) and watch as some people come and go, but a lot of us have been trolling around these parts for a long time--you read Ed Ass, I read your blog, much good-natured mutual stalking. I've made a lot of friends. Not like in an "awww, I wuv you guys" kinda way--I mean, ACTUAL friends. You know?

To celebrate, we're having a contest! Between now and November 5th at 5 pm EST, email me a haiku (or as many haikus as you want) on one (or multiple) of the following topics:

-delicious foodstuffs
-my boyfriend Michael Chabon
-other things

For those who ask, YES I'm a stickler for the syllable count, so haiku that follow a strict 5-7-5 formation will have an advantage. But so will haiku that make me pee my pants.

The prize: One guest post on Ed Ass on anything you like (although, you know, no eating puppies etc).

Email me your haiku!!!

I wait with ratty breath!


Elle said...

it's nice to know that the stalking is mutual.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, 2 years - whoohooo indeed. Will definitely give the haiku a go - gin is calling, mostly because of what it once did to me! ;-)

ChrisEldin said...

Two years! Wow!
Congratulations!!! And the contest sounds great!

Justus said...

I have failed miserably at keeping any of my blogs for very long...

So, great job!

I might enter your haiku contest. :O

Precie said...


A contest for your blogiversary? That's totally a gift to ME!!! :) (Regardless of contest results...I'm that much of a junkie.)

Totally with you on syllable's another stickler question. Traditional haiku involves reference to that a requirement as well? ;)

Whirlochre said...

Looks like I've missed 90% of the action — like blinking during the Superbowl.

Anyhow — cong-rats.

moonrat said...

heehee. "cong-rats." i like.

precie--is there something unnatural about gin? heehee. your choice.

Jeanie W said...

Happy Blogday! May you have many more.

cindy said...

happy blogaversary!!


i will have to think on the haiku.

Merry Monteleone said...

Happy Blog-i-versary!!!!!

Oh, an editor e-stalker, does anyone else feel the compelling need to check their blogs for dust bunnies under the bed and untidy dangling participles?

I'll think on the Haiku, Moonie.

Colorado Writer said...

One man's stalking is another man's lovefest.

You rock, Moonie!

Jill Corcoran said...

Congrats on two years
of Moonierific blogging.
Cats hiss, "Moonrat rules!"

OK, that's just a warm-up. Entry via email to follow.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds deliciously challenging. I shall endeveour to take part.

Anya said...

Ohh, nooo! Not syllables! I always fail at these damn poetry things b/c I say my words wrong. At least you're not asking for a sonnet...things would get real ugly on this end. But, ok, I'll try, just to torture you. lol.

And huge congrats on the anniversary!

Natalie said...

Haiku party! Oh yeah, and yay for 2 years:)

AC said...

Two years is still a short time to have built up such a following. You rock, Moonrat.

Conduit said...

Hmmm. I shall get my thinking cap on. In the meantime, happy second birthday!

angelle said...

you are such a dork. haha.

i remember those days when i was like, the only person who read your blog. and suddenly somehow it blew up! how did that happen??

ggwritespoetry said...

2 years... yes, I have loved both of them... congrats!

Linda said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!! Only 2 years? Happy happy, haikus later, in between that silly madness known as NaNo... Peace, Linda