Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Afternoon Life Thought

"By then, John understood that some things mattered and some things did not and that happy people in this world were those who could easily and rapidly distinguish between the two. The term unhappiness referred to the feeling of taking the wrong things seriously."

--Arthur Phillips, Prague


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Susan said...

I'd change "taking the wrong things seriously" to "taking anything seriously" but it's a great quote! and a great way of thinking.

Mary said...

taking the right things seriously:

.....and because the tea steamed in front of me,
and the notebook, turned to a new page,
was blank except for a faint blue idea of order,
I wrote: happiness! it is December, very cold,
we woke early this morning,
and lay in bed kissing,
our eyes squinched up like bats.

(Robert Hass, Happiness)

Kitty Bucholtz said...

Great quote!

angelle said...

that's a good one :)

Christy Raedeke said...

After reading both excerpts you've posted from "Prague" I'm very intrigued. Would you recommend it?

moonrat said...

I was really, really mixed about it. I did a long and grotesque review here:

if you like.

Kim Kasch said...

It's sooo true. I tell my kids, "the only things that matter aren't things - it's relationships."

Precie said...

Wonderful! Not sure I'm up to reading the whole book...but I'm loving these gems you've shared.