Saturday, August 16, 2008

women's marathon, extremely emotional

Constantina Tomescu-Dita, they said you were a fool. They said you were too old to win a gold in the marathon, being all 38 and everything. When you pulled way in front of the rest of the pack around mile 15, they said you were blowing all your energy to early on. They kept reminding us about how you'd had to drop out of the 2004 lead because of heat stroke, and they wondered if it would happen again. They said your form was falling apart; by mile 19 they were saying your arms were swinging around and you were too tired to hold your lead.

When you ran up the ramp into the Olympic stadium more than 400 meters in front of the rest of the pack, shouted "I told you so!" at those dumb announcers so loudly that my neighbor turned their lights on. You, Constantina, made me cry the hardest today (even harder than I cried for Dara Torres). And everyone knows I cry about everything.


cindy said...

oh, moonie. you're so cute! and wear your rattie heart on your furry paw. =) i missed it, but that sounds kick ass awesome!!

moonrat said...

yeah. i don't know what's wrong with me; i sit here and cry through EVERY EVENT. the rally monkey is really confused.

"why are you crying?" he'll say.

"the americans got bronze!!" i'll say. "they look so happy!"

"why are you crying now?"

"the chinese! they got gold! it's so beautiful!"

"why are you crying for the chinese when they just beat the americans?"

"it's their home turf! they're so sportsmanlike! it's so inspiring!"

at this point he gets up and leaves.

Bernita said...

In some things our heart is a harp of many strings.

ChrisEldin said...

Awww!! Sounds like an amazing moment--I hope it will be replayed. It is soooo inspiring seeing women *this* age competing and winning.

m-stiefvater said...

So inspiring. I love it when the underdogs not only kick ass, but kick it hard. :D

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

Yes, lets hear it for the "over-the-hill" medalist. I was blessed with TV last night to watch this, Phelps and D. Torres!! One of my pet-loves in life are people who don't use age as an excuse...they just go for it, in spite of what the "experts" say. Reach for the stars...or in this case, matter your age. Woohoo.

One of my dearest friends is 84, and she skis at least 50 days a year, and ZOOOOOOMS past me anyday. She's one of my heroes!!

Amie Stuart said...

I saw that! And I was totally cheering for Jason too. I think one of my favorite--if not all time favorite--parts of the Olympics is the human interest stories (IE the German gymnast competing at 32 and the American swimmer with testicular cancer *sigh*).