Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrate Children's Books!

This week, drop by everyone's favorite blog author tour site, Book Roast, to read about and talk to five celebrated children's book authors!

Here's the lineup:

* Monday, August 25: Stephanie Bodeen, The Compound - Set somewhere near the time of the apocalypse, the story tells of Eli and his family, who are forced to live in the compound his father has built for them.

* Tuesday, August 26: Laurel Snyder, Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains - Lucy sets off for the Scratchy Mountains to solve the mystery of her missing mother.

* Wednesday, August 27: J.J. Salem, Tan Lines - Three young women on a wild Hamptons summer reinvent themselves.

* Thursday, August 28: Susan McBride, The Debs - Four very different girls find themselves on a collision course of debutantes.

* Friday, August 29: Brian Jay Jones, Washington Irving: An American Original - Follow Washington Irving through his childhood in a religious home in New York, his entry into law, the death of his fiancée, his years abroad and, of course, his writing career.


Phoenix said...

Thank you for the lovely shout-out, Moonrat. May I mention we have contests and book prizes waiting there as well ;o)

Now get back to editing! You want your desk clear so you can play over the upcoming 3-day weekend...

ChrisEldin said...

Thank You!!

Hehehe! Yes, I agree with Phoenix!! Clear off your desk and all those nasty query letters, and come over and play...