Friday, July 25, 2008

someone hasn't blogged in a week

Wow. How time escapes us when we edit. The joys of doing something you love for a living.

My roommate sent me this awesome link. It's an essay from The New Yorker about crazy wine collectors, and the madcap story about the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction. It will make you happy.

I've been reading a lot lately, though. Check out some reviews at thebookbook. If anyone else wants to post about their summer reading I'll be really excited.

I'll write more tomorrow, or something.


Charles Gramlich said...

I probaly will do a post on my summer reading in August.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering what happened to you. Until this week, you blogged almost maniacally (not meant as a criticism) and when you went 'dark' I feared for your health. Thoughts like: did she get hit by a car? Was she accosted by someone in a dark stairwell? Has she contracted some dreaded disease? I read with relief that it was nothing more than simply doing your job...and ... well, good to know that you were simply attending to business. Good for you! But glad to see you're back!

JES said...

What Anon@12:08 said. Even if it was a little creepy in an obsessing-about-the-worst way. (But s/he forgot one: "Was she walking under a construction crane and...?") We did start to get alarmed when "Saturday Indie Rock Moment" time came and went.

Glad to see you're kickin', Moonie. Oh, and readin'.

Susan said...

A post about summer reading's a grand idea (I could post about gardening books at any rate, ARGH)

I'm currently reading, or trying to read, With My Lazy Eye, but finding it hard going. I just can't stay interested, though I was excited about it when I read the reviews.

I'll give it a few more tries, then move on to In Your Face, one I've been wanting to pick up about a cancer survivor.

When you hadn't posted, I thought perhaps you were on a Hawaiian beach or something equally wonderful...hope you're having fun anyhow!

Chumplet said...

Everyone slows down a little in the summer. Sun happens.

Andromeda Romano-Lax said...

I've been enjoying your blog for months, Moonrat, and your busy time is a good time for readers to step in. Re: summer reading, I'm currently catching up on Booker Prize winners. Just finished the incredibly sad, quietly furious "The Gathering" by Anne Enright, a novel set in Ireland about family secrets and dysfunctions. The book was so depressing, I kept wondering why I couldn't set it down. I suppose it was Enright's ability to tell the truth; apt descriptions and an authentic voice kept me turning the pages. This gets to the crux of one reason why we read: to experience intense emotions,honestly and empathically conveyed. Next on my list: John Banville's "The Sea."

Speaking of authentic books, I'm also reading a collection of essays by fellow Alaskan Sherry Simpson, called "The Accidental Explorer." Many books tell about the drama of Alaska (i.e. bear maulings -- we've had two in Anchorage this summer, by the way). But Simpson tells a much quieter truth, about the difficulty of finding one's own place in a state this superlative. Her thoughts about the Chris McCandless ("Into the Wild") story add local depth to a story already well-known. She writes about other risk-takers (perhaps including herself) equally well.

That's my August reading report!

Linda said...

Everyone's slowing down with the blogging - summer heat and vacations, you know, the hammock days. Thanks for reminding us about thebookbook - just popped in, it had been awhile. I'll be posting myself about all my summe reading... Peace, Linda

Zen of Writing said...

Whether or not you are planning a "staycation" because of gas prices (I am), I recommend Denis Johnson's Resuscitation of a Hanged Man. It's excellent and it takes place in, and evokes, Provincetown.