Saturday, July 19, 2008

recent google searches that have brought people here (a selection)

"My boss is falling in love with me" [ did that bring someone HERE?]

"Crazy dump"

"What an ass"

"Crazy dump" [again]

"Crazy dump" [again]

This is all this morning. Hmm. Were three different people googling "crazy dump" this morning? Or was one person disappointed three times?

Perhaps we should be more carefully monitoring our content? Or word choice?


David said...

Or be less careful with your word choice, on the assumption that someone may end up here because of a strange Google search but will keep coming back because of the interesting content.

Hmm. On the other hand, that might just bring you strange readers.

Brian said...

I really want to understand the circumstances that prompt someone to google "crazy dump."

H. L. Dyer said...

I love seeing the searches that bring people to my blog.

Ever since I posted about my odd sperm-shaped floater, I get one or two hits a day for people googling "flying sperm".

Speculating on what they were really looking for (and how disappointed they may be with what they find) provides endless entertainment.

I'm delighted to announce that I am the number one google hit for flying sperm. No, I've never been prouder. *snort*

The best part, though, is that I also have a blog post called "Go-Go Gadget", and I was beyond amused to discover I received a blog hit last week for someone searching for "Sperm a gogo".

Natalie Hatch said...

how do you find out how people have found you? Is there some sort of application in blogger that does this?

moonrat said...

just my sitemeter. it doesn't tell me much but it tells me referrals!

PMJG said...

It's almost like poetry, sometimes. It's funny how our search terms seem completely logical to us at the time, but weird to an outsider.

Someone found me through "fatal attraction in palmistry" once.

But what should I do if "my boss is falling in love with me"?

Leslie said...

Heh. Five years ago, I wrote a blog entry that offhandedly mentioned the chunky highlights I'd put into my hair in high school. Since then, I've written a book, been on TV, and published a bunch of articles - but it's still the "chunky highlights" that lands most people on my blog.

Eventually I dedicated an entire entry to the chunky highlights searchers, welcoming them to my site and inviting them to look around. It was the least I could do.

And be on the lookout - after this comment is published they'll come for you, too!

pacatrue said...

Can I take credit for the "What an Ass" line?

Ulysses said...

"Crazy Dump" = "Editorial Ass."

Google appears to have peyote issues that result in free association (football mother rosicrucians).

Ello said...

hey that was me! I just gotta find more information about how to take a crazy dump!

moonrat said...

i suspected as much, ello.

Mike Lindgren said...

It's from "Crazy Link Dump" July 10 post. ml

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

I get "slap yo mama" daily, and often more than once a day!!!

Now, "crazy dump" is interesting!

Another blog thingy:

And when I leave a comment that requires word verification, it's never a word that I've heard of ... like this one is :

But it does offer up an "eye test" every time you want to leave a comment on some blogs. And if you're lucky to wait long enough, you get a test 2 for 1.

Another word I'd never heard of to verify:

Demon Hunter said...

Cool, Moonie. It's so strange what google brings up. I use google stats. Maybe I should pay closer attention and see if they have the same service as site meter. :-) I'm almost afraid to know what brings people to my blog. :-/ LOL.

cindy said...

wherefore art thou, yue shu?? =(

moonrat said...

yue shu!! i like it!!

sorry, kiddo. i've been in the editorial batcave. it's a dark, dank place. full of guano and unpolished manuscripts.

angelle said...

i've been the worst blog friend ever! i didnt even know your colors changed! this is what happens when you no longer work and therefore no longer procrastinate with blogs all day...

anyway, watch this!

btw, apt hunting so very sucks.

Steve Stubbs said...

Not the best way to find your blog. I brought up google and typed "Crazy Dump" hoping to be directed here and got 7,520 web sites. I think yours was at the bottom of the last page.

I got here via a link on an agency web site.