Sunday, June 01, 2008

NZ man who attacked a teenager with a hedgehog has been fined

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For those who were concerned, it has not been ascertained whether or not the hedgehog was alive when the man hurled it at the 15-year-old, but the police report says that the hedgehog was dead when they arrived on the scene. Poor hedgehog.

The man was fined 700 New Zealand dollars for assault (500 went to the victim). Our favorite line from the article:

A more serious charge of assault with a weapon - the hedgehog - was dropped. It carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison.


Lisa said...

Multa novit vulpes, verum echinus unum magnum

Poor hedgehog.

This is the third reference to a hedgehog and/or fox I have encountered in the last 48 hours. What is the universe trying to tell me?

Charles Gramlich said...

I can't think of a thing to say to this one.

JES said...

Ha, just as I thought (from Encyclopedia Britannica Online): "moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura): Southeast Asian insectivore that is essentially a primitive tropical hedgehog with a long tail and fur instead of spines."

I think in the story, given the above background, there's definitely a message from the universe, Lisa. It's something like "If you're going to wear orange pants, keep your hands OFF the moonrat."

Colorado Writer said...

Sonic the Hedgehog is so cute. My kids want a real one for a pet. They are not THAT cute. Hedgehogs I mean.

writtenwyrdd said...

Hedges are cute, but I wouldn't want one for a pet. Sure hope the victimized hedgehog was dead when thrown. Can you imagine your last vision on earth the screaming face of some idiot human?