Tuesday, June 24, 2008

morning phone call with Momrat

[YT dials]

[Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring-]

Momrat: Hello?

YT: Hi, Ma.

Momrat: Oh, hi. I'm at work right now, so I can't talk.

YT: I know. I called for a reason, though. Listen, [Momrat's favorite author of mine] is going to be [media venue] at [upcoming particular date and time] and I thought you'd be interested.

Momrat: Oh! Yes! That's great.

YT: Good, I'm glad.

Momrat: But the thing is, I'm thinking about work right now so I'll never remember the details. Can you hang up and call me back and leave a message?

YT: Sure, no problem.

[YT hangs up, redials.]

[Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring--]

Momrat: Hello?

YT: Ma.

Momrat: Moonrat, I'm at work right now. I can't talk.

YT: Ma. I was calling you back to leave you the details on your voicemail.

Momrat: What details?

YT: About the--

Momrat: Oh right, the book talk. Sorry. Ok, try again.

YT: Ok. Bye.

[hangs up, redials]

[Ring, Ring, Ri-]

Momrat: Hello?

YT: Ma.

Momrat: Oops. I wasn't supposed to answer.

YT: That's right.

Momrat: Sorry. Ok, try again.

YT: Bye, Ma.


Brian said...

Third base!

Charles Gramlich said...

That's a good one for a laugh. I could kind of see myself doing momrat's thing. I'm terrible when I'm focused on one specific thing

Precie said...

Oh, dear. That's priceless!

Natalie said...

Haha, that feels like an old comedy act. Abbot and Costello style.

JES said...

Hilarious... you need save up these stories, you know!

Bernita said...

Oh dear.I can see myself distracted and doing exactly the same thing - answering the phone automatically.

writtenwyrdd said...

Your mother is precious. I imagine that she gets rather scattered toward everything else when focusing on a particular thing. I have had entire conversations and not recalled a word because I was on autopilot, just saying uh-huh and yup at appropriate intervals.

pacatrue said...

I recommend calling her again the night before.

But you might get in trouble for not giving her earlier notice.

cindy said...

WE <3 MOM RAT!!!!

Julie Weathers said...

I would laugh, but I've done that. Luckily, my youngest son has a sense of humor and is very patient. I think that comes from having a child later in life. You've never been anything but confused, so they are used to it.

I love Momrat. She needs to become an agent.