Saturday, June 28, 2008

How did I end up on the cover of that romance novel?

Thanks, Booksquare, for the link to this very important Onion article.

"Can't a brawny, brooding man ride his stallion slowly through the fresh-smelling air of a misty forest at dawn and think ruefully back to his tender childhood that seems to him now to exist in another world entirely—without having to constantly look over his perfectly sculpted shoulders?"


H. L. Dyer said...


I seriously love the Onion.

JES said...

Well, *dang*.

From the title of this post I'd assumed the "I" was, y'know, Moonrat. If not the Moonrat (we know you value your anonymity), then at least a moonrat. The possibilities for entertainment were boundless (and just the prospect of a moonrat on the cover of a romance novel still has me laughing).

Disappointment aside, like HL, I do love The Onion.

Charles Gramlich said...

I think that's about the best thing I've ever seen in the Onion. Hilarious.

ggwritespoetry said...

Pretty funny! Thanks Moonrat.