Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good News for Wheel of Time Fans!!

Brandon Sanderson, the exuberant and award-winning young author who was tapped to write Book 12 of the... um... cornerstone fantasy series THE WHEEL OF TIME (tying up loose ends fothe author, Robert Jordan, who passed away in September), has started a blog about his thoughts during the writing process.

Thanks, Dad, for forwarding this tidbit.

For other [recovering] WOT addicts like myself, the blog is of extraordinary interest. Sanderson has taken his project very seriously (not that there's not a gigantic amount of pressure on him from literally millions of literally rabid fans all waiting for him to put one foot down on shakey soil). I've never read any of Sanderson's books, although they have received the highest critical praise, but from reading his blog he seems--dare I say it?--maybe more qualified to write that 12th book than Robert Jordan himself was.

Anyway. Interesting circumstances, interesting playout. I may actually go back and start rereading this summer in preparation. Maybe. There are actually 13 books in my TBR stack against my bed at the moment. Can I add another 11? Hmm.


Kirk L. Shaw said...

Brandon Sanderson was at the CONduit conference in Salt Lake about a week ago, and he and two of his colleagues ran a live podcast with Mike Stackpole and Eric Stone. Check out their awesome podcast, Writing Excuses, on the website by the same name (also available for subscription on iTunes).

If you get the chance, he does really well on panels at conferences (I've been to a few cons where he's presented/paneled).

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a tough job. I wish him well. I'll check out his blog.

writtenwyrdd said...

Thanks for the info. I rearead up through nine and a half and lost steam. Haven't read ten or eleven yet, doubt I will--especially when I have 140+ books in the tbr pile!

Sherri said...

This is so awesome! Thanks for the link. I'm off now to see what Sanderson has to say.

cindy said...

i'm not a fanatic fan, but i do enjoy this series. as much as i love fantasy, i haven't read too extensively. i don't like to do so unless something is recommended, there is so much out there!

the one thing that i loved about jordan was his commentary on the relationships between men and women. it always gave me a chuckle when the men couldn't outtalk or sway the women. hee!

pacatrue said...

I spent a good hour reading his entire series of posts on WOT, so thanks for the tip. I think I have to still disagree with him -- the books could be a couple hundred pages shorter each -- but it was still fascinating reading. One simple difference is that I think he's a much faster reader than myself. He was reading entire WOT books in a couple of days. I'd spend weeks on one.

Anyway, thanks for the tip. Book 12 seems to be in good hands and I will be buying it when it's available.

slwhitman said...

Pacatrue, Brandon writes from home, so he did nothing *but* read when he was doing that. But his editor also doesn't call him "Mr. Prolific" for nothing.

(I'm an old friend of his, so it's kind of fun to see him mentioned on an unrelated blog that I read!)