Friday, June 20, 2008

Book Roast

I want to take a special moment today to draw your attention (if you haven't already seen it!) to Chris Eldin's new blog, Book Roast. The goals of the blog are as follows:

1) to give readers a day of unfettered virtual access to published authors
2) to offer published authors a single go-to for online publicity

Chris first told me about her plan to launch this blog a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that as an editor I am very pleased. Especially as the book sales world is changing, print review venues are closing, and brick-and-mortar stores are hosting fewer events, editors and publicists at publishing companies are launching all sorts of last-ditch efforts to get internet attention for their books. It is, however, difficult to figure out whether sites target the right readership. (Check out Brian's very cogent post about online publicity--he has some great advice for published and aspiring authors to think about.)

To have a single go-to site like Book Roast, where readers can go in fandom and where authors will hopefully soon compete for placement, is the small press dream.

Book Roast is in its inception phase, meaning it needs to draw in some collective awareness from readers and writers. If you're a lit fan, check out the site from time to time to see who's up, and consider linking to it to help drive awareness. Audience participation will step up the quantity and quality of discussions--the more the merrier. If you're a published author, consider dropping by--your post there will be google hits on your name (and the more authors drop by, as we bloggers know, the higher your google ranking will go up).

Thanks, Chris, for this rather selfless idea on your part (I know it's been a lot of work!). I can't wait to see how your project grows.


Charles Gramlich said...

It is a great idea and I'm going to be a regular visitor

Bernita said...

Book Roast is a wonderfully generous project by Chris and her cohorts.

ChrisEldin said...

I love you Moonie. Even more than yesterday.

Jason Evans, Phoenix, Shona Snowden, and Blogless Troll didn't hesitate when I asked them for their help, and I have to say they've done more work than I have. I'm hoping this will really take off, and if it does, it will truly be a team collaboration.

Thanks again!!!

Morgan Dempsey said...

Well, it's on my feeds. I hope this thing takes off. Sounds like a great idea :)

Veronica said...

Thanks for this one, Moonrat.
Book Roast certainly sounds interesting.

Julie Weathers said...

I agree this was a great idea and I'm happy to promote it. Chris got all five of my readers, I think.