Friday, June 06, 2008

also, a short confession re: Celebrate Reading Month

Dad, if you're reading this--

I almost chose RIFLES FOR WATIE myself. I even bought a copy to reread before I blogged about it. I was going to write about how my dad read it to me when I was a kid and how vividly I still remember it (for example, exactly how much cornbread your Confederate salary will buy you!). I was going to blog about how everything both my parents read to me as a kid (and it was a LOT and not always age appropriate, as you'll have to admit--the first time you read me THE HOBBIT I was 4, and kept falling asleep during the scene when they float down the river inside the barrels; I think you had to read that chapter 3 times, at least) was responsible for a life I have made for myself in books and book publishing. I chose not to blog about RIFLES, in the end, because I didn't have time to reread it before my post and thought I would miss important points.

When I asked you to write a guest blog post for me, I would never have guessed you were going to pick this book, and when I read your first draft I got very sappy and cried a little bit. (One of my blog readers was present at the time--she'll vouch.)


Your oldest rat


Anonymous said...


it was a sap filled father-daughter moment. very touching.

/but then again, moonie can nearly make herself cry just by squeezing her eyes together really really hard. i was very impressed by this when i first saw it in 8th grade and have always taken a moonrat tear with a grain of salt since then.

//but i do think this tear was genuine. :)

cindy said...

awwwwww. =D