Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning Indie Rock Moment

Ok, it's not exactly Indie Rock. But this week, we're celebrating Dire Straits, because that's where we are with our laundry at the moment.

I've chosen the video for "Why Worry" because normally that's how I feel about my laundry. However, we are, as I have suggested, in Dire Straits.

Readers with faith in higher beings, this might be a good time to pray for me.


JES said...

Hey, MR, a little off-topic (well, except perhaps the bit about "higher beings") but today (per Writer's Almanac) is Chabon's birthday. The Almanac says of him (among other things):

"He was just 23 when he wrote his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. He turned it in as his master's thesis in a creative writing program. He turned it in on a Friday. On Monday he heard that his professor had sent it to an agent. The book was published the following year, in 1988. It was a big success. He was compared to Fitzgerald and John Cheever. He was asked to model clothing for The Gap. People magazine wanted to include him in its list of '50 Most Beautiful People.' He turned down both offers."

No drooling into the laundry, please.

moonrat said...

Look, JES, I'm afraid where I choose to drool is entirely out of your realm of jurisdiction.

However :) thanks for the tip. ::slblblblobber::