Friday, May 30, 2008


Today was officially "take the day off from work and hang around outside" day. But I missed the memo. So. Vengeful blog post of random tidbits!!!

First, for fellow New Yorkers: Apparently today is one of the few days each year when the setting sun actually alligns with Manhattan's "west" (our north-south and east-west ley lines run according to Rennaisance Dutch sensibilities and the shape of the island as opposed to, you know, North and South). So today is the day to get your picnic basket and sit at a wider trancept (astronomical suggestions: 14th, 23rd, 34th, 57th Streets, inhospitable traffic thoroughfares though they may be) around 8:16 pm to stare toward Jersey and watch the sun set between buildings. Fun fun fun.

Second, in wake of the happy discussion on my Cindy Pon post, I have started a sidebar with success stories (you might have noticed already). I have called it The Editorial Mischief because, as Lisa pointed out, the fact that "mischief" is a counter for a group of rats is just too good to be true. You all can call yourselves whatever you like, but that is what I am going to call you. I would love to put up ALL success stories, but I need really specific directions (I do take instructions well). So if you have a success story you want to see up there, please leave me a comment with the date and what happened.

Third, I got a recent glut of industry attention here after GalleyCat linked to my manifesto last week. I got a whole bunch of interesting comments on that post, some of which I'll hope to react to either over the weekend (oh no, wait, I already committed to working all day tomorrow) or in the unforeseeable future. But if you're interested, check out some of the dialogue that's come up around the "Less Is More" issue. I won't claim I agree with everything that has been said, but I do think there are a lot of interesting opinions.

My favorite new comment from last week, though, is this one:

It could be that I've only just found this blog, and only just read the most recent post (of substance) and this FAQ, but I think I love you. Can I be your editorial ass? Can I stop abusing the italic tag? Who knows.

At any rate, I look forward to reading the archives. I feel they shall lift me up from the drudgery that is applying again and again to assistantships and hearing back from no one at all. cheers!

Dear commenter,

It has been said in the past that I am rather easy with my affections, but I think I love you, too. (Ok, all it takes is a little flattery. But at least I'm honest.) Unfortunately I already have a fabulous Ass, and don't need another one at the moment. (In the words of Julia Roberts from ERIN BROKOVITCH, as long as I have one Ass instead of two...) But let me assure you I've been through the gristmill that is trying to find a job in editorial and I'm rooting for you!! Don't give up. I originally started this blog hoping it could provide some solace for other Asses. Come here and ask questions and spread the love.

Now, back to work.



Marie said...

Well, aren't you a sweetheart for including me in the Mischief column--when I was too shy to announce my book deal. I'm honored to be on your "list" and will endeavor to do you proud.

Conduit said...

I am proud to be part of The Mischief. So what is your rank? Chief Mischief? Mistress of Mischief? Chief Mistress of Mischief? Whichever, thank you. :)

JES said...

People who've been hanging out here for a while have probably done this long ago. But I just got around to Googling "moonrat." Very instructive.

For instance, there's an 18x24 poster, the description of which includes, "Forages for Food Among Leaf Litter." I guess that pretty much sums it up, eh? I can't imagine a more lyrical metaphor for winnowing what Michael Kinsley, I think, once called "that which comes in over the transom." :)

Travis Erwin said...

Conduit, I vote fore Mistress of Mischief.

Charles Gramlich said...

Wait, a day off work? That's me. Congrats to those on your sidebar.

Lisa said...

*clapping* I love Mistress of Mischief. "Less is More" was just fantastic -- I hope you'll add more to the manifesto in time.

Jaye Wells said...

I've never been in a Hall of Fame, but it makes so much sense that my first time revolves around the word "mischief."

Ello said...

Bet my Ass is bigger then your Ass.

cindy said...

"i already have a fabulous ASS". haha!!! and wow, i thought that the chinese had crazy random uh, what's the word you call these groupings? but mischief? grand! i hope you manage some fun this weekend between all the hard work, moonie!

Julie Weathers said...

I have probably missed the follow up, but I am really curious about the olive pit diet. How's it going? Did you lose weight? Have you patented it yet?

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm snorting coffee out my nose picturing a bunch of picknicking Manhattanites in the middle of intersections.

Catherine said...

A mischief of rats? Really? Hee!

*finds a way to include that in the WiP*

Julie Weathers said...

I'm snorting coffee out my nose picturing a bunch of picknicking Manhattanites in the middle of intersections.~

Ayup. My youngest son is also a sunset lover. He used to come in the house and tell me, "Sunset alert," when there was a particularly beautiful display.

We then went out to the arena, crawled up on the top rail and watched the sun go down together.

On the ranch I went out before dawn to gather cows. Sitting on a horse, watching the sun light up the badlands is breathtaking.

For some reason, I think seeing a sunset through the skyscrapers, would be as stirring.

Thanks for sharing this. I still don't want to live in New York, but glad you aren't totally deprived of beautiful sunsets.

Emily said...

Dear Moonrat,

Basically, you made my day by highlighting that little comment of mine. I love that you love me too!

And since you encouraged questions, here's my first:

How important do you think doing an internship is? Do applicants with little previous publishing experience get overlooked completely? What makes an applicant stand out?

Okay, so that was more than one question. And please take your time in answering them! (I'm going to be scrambling for living arrangements the next week or so anyway. Hurrah, exorbitant New York rent!)

Olivia said...

I found your blog through GalleyCat and am so glad I did! I've been an Editorial Ass for 3 months now and love visiting your blog during the times when I should be doing something like making copies or filing.