Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Juhmpa Lahiri event tonight

Hey, New Yorkers... Head down to the Union Square Barnes and Noble if you love Jhumpa Lahiri as much as, say, I do. The event starts at 7 but having been to these kinds of things before I would recommend you get there early.

I won't be there, unfortunately, having a work commitment myself. But I will post this link about interview questions Lahiri is often asked, via Ron over at GalleyCat.


angelle said...

i didn't end up going. i was pissy and pmsy and bought a pistachio cupcake instead.

Precie said...

Enabler. I'm this close to placing an Amazon order...even after skimming over my TBR bookcase this morning.

ChristineEldin said...

LOL at Precie!
I love it when she hurls accusations, and then stares you down with those avatar eyes.