Monday, March 31, 2008

getting back into gear

First, let me say that everyone posted such lovely things over the last two days that I'm a little embarrassed that I briefly entertained the idea of not putting my blog back up and running away from it all. So thanks to one and all.

Unfortunately, I have approximately 10,465 emails to answer and things to catch up on, so not much exciting to say today. However, I am a sucker for a good author story and will post this one link. It's a Washington Post article on Lois Lowry, a writer who was a very big influence on me and, I believe, many others. Because, let's face it, she just rocks. It turns out she was a single mother and college dropout who literaly published her first novel "out of sheer necessity." Very interesting.


Froog said...

Welcome back. Sorry I missed all that Gawker nastiness over the weekend. Hope you're bouncing back.

You've probably got a lot of new readers through this. Unfortunately, it tends to be the loonies who comment, while the nice people mostly just lurk.

hayden said...

Sorry to hear you got hate mail over what I thought was a funny(ish) post.

Thanks for the link about Lois Lowry; she's one of my favorites.

Alex P said...

Sorry I missed all the fuss.

The good thing about internet loons is they tend to actually keep their looniness to the net at least.

Keep cracking on- I used you as an example of an excellent anon blog in a presentation t'other day. Fame and endorsement of a kind.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm late checking in so will have a look at your last post. Glad to see you back and that you decided not to pack it in.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was worried about you, as I know some others were too.

The good news about the hateful stuff is that people who send nasty emails and make mean comments tend to have a pretty short attention span.

Let's hope what you just experienced was an anomaly and you're past it. You've got a great blog and you post a lot of helpful, humorous stuff here. You'd leave a big gap in many days if you went underground.

P.S. Even people who say they like James Joyce, don't. Not really. ;)

Ello said...

Ha! Lisa is right about James Joyce. Although I fully admit that I can't stand Joyce.

OK I have to admit that when your blogger page was reading by invitation only, I was getting excited about being invited to your special club. If you did that, you would invite me right? Right? pretty please with sugar on top?

ggwritespoetry said...

"You're back!!! You're back!!! We missed you so much!!!" (dancing and singing around the room)

Marie said...

My other comment seems not to have made it--so I try again.

I'm glad you are back. You must not let the meanies at Gawker get you down. They can't be helped for those nasty comments, given that they are forced to compete with each other to be as snarky as possible to even be allowed to post in the first place until, Survivor like, they vote who among them should be jettisoned.

But you are on the side of good and the light and I like that you are an Aristotle girl and that you have opinions and all that. So blog away, I say. Most of the time it is a fun thing to do.

cyn said...

boo on post holiday emails and work piles! yay on coming back and blogging again!! =D

La Gringa said...

I am so sorry for the responses you received from the Gawker post. I just went in there and bit someone's head off myself for a stupid comment on that post.

Some people are just idiots. Plain and simple.

moonrat said...

froog--i'm not sorry you missed it! but yes, woe is all your censorship drama. i've been catching up on it via my google reader. hope THAT all calms down.

hayden--me too. i LOVED Number the Stars and The Giver. LOVED.

alex--woohoo! a presentation! that's a new level of legitimacy there.

charles, lisa, gg, gringa--thank you <3

ello--you got it, toots. but for the time being, we're staying live.

marie--"aristotle girl"? can i quote you?

ChristineEldin said...

I love this author!! Thanks for posting about a children's author!
The Giver is one of my all-time favorites. I haven't read Number the Stars yet, but will very soon.

Thanks for this article!!!

(ps I posted something about your Roman comment) heh heh